Good Wife Recap: One Tasty Ham Sandwich

The following recap, by the very definition of “recap,” contains spoilers from this week’s episode of The Good Wife.

“You’re excused.”

“We’re done.”

“Thank you for your service; my assistant will validate your parking.”

“Get out of my office.”

No matter how you put it — and Peter found four rather clear reiterations — Wendy Scott-Carr’s job here is over. On Sunday’s episode of CBS’ The Good Wife, titled “Another Ham Sandwich,” the special prosecutor went in for the kill as Will faced the grand jury. And despite a seemingly strong start, she ultimately was outmatched (or, perhaps, outgunned, seeing as her armament was full of blanks).

Wendy at first had Elsbeth Tascioni a bit unsettled, as she led Diane to confirm that, yes, she doesn’t play basketball, but also that in the McDermott case, she allowed Will to take over due to his “better relationship” with Judge Parks. David Lee evened the score a bit, though, when he testified — in keeping with the team’s “tie it to Peter” mantra — that he has done just as affordable contract work for the State’s Attorney as he did for Judge Parks.

Nonetheless, that exchange prompted Will to go see Parks in chambers, where Cary’s snoop snapped Gardner handing the judge an envelope. It all seemed to easy a photo op for Andrew, and we would later learn it was.

After Parks pleaded the Fifth throughout his own testimony, Will (fittingly) got to go in for the slam dunk. Electing not to plead the Fifth himself, he answered Wendy’s questions — to her case’s detriment. The envelope he handed off to Parks? A UNICEF donation, proving as suspected that the moment was staged. And the incriminating email that Wendy’s team had “procured,” between Will and Judge Parks? It had been tampered with and in fact was from Will to Diane — and Will very conveniently had the original on hand. (That unveiled bit of planted chicanery opened Kalinda up for a smack from gal pal Dana!) Wendy was left quite flustered.

In the end, Alicia was called in, and a desperate Wendy’s line of questioning was every bit as intrusive as feared. Wendy compelled Alicia to cop to a sexual relationship with Will, though she did say that it was over. But when Wendy went too far — and further against Cary’s wishes — by intimating that Alicia’s career trajectory was a result of her bedding her boss, Mrs. Florrick was having none of it. “You are out of control,” she hissed at the prosecutor as she ended the Q&A on her own terms.

And Alicia wasn’t the only one whose feathers were ruffled. Upon being given their marching orders by Wendy, the grand jury demonstrated clearly that they agreed she was out of control with the State’s Attorney’s wife. Cue: Party time at Lockhart Gardner!

Elsewhere in the episode, Eli traded barbs, come-ons and (ahem) more with rival spinmeister Stacie Hall. Eli scoffed at first at being handed David Lee’s niece (versus Alicia) as his No. 2, until that is she made him realize the far weightier/juicier stakes at hand with the gay advocacy group he was fighting Stacie to represent. Alas, one tryst later, Stacie had the last laugh, when Eli discovered that she was handling campaign work for his ex-wife.

Not to be overlooked amidst Will’s grand jury ordeal, Alicia — with a bit of slightly veiled prompting by Diane — met up with Peter to ask his office to back off.

“Of course that’s the issue!” Peter barked when Alicia suggested that the inquisition was partly vendetta-based.

“There’s nothing between us,” she countered.

“My god, you have changed — I used to be able to tell when you lied…. You’re manipulating the truth like an old pro.”

“Well, you would know about pros.”

Peter declined to stop the grand jury, saying that he’s done with doing things that “worked but were wrong.” Alicia countered by clarifying that the things he used to do were “wrong against your family.” On both sides, a really nice piece of acting by Julianna Margulies and Chris Noth — and territory that begged to be covered at last.

What did you think about this week’s great Good Wife? What were your favorite moments and quotes?

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