White Collar Exclusive First Look: Can Neal Con True Blood's Joe Manganiello?

There’s been a werewolf sighting in New York! True Blood manbeast Joe Manganiello guest-stars opposite his real-life friend, Matt Bomer, on USA Network’s White Collar next Tuesday, and as you can see via this first look video clip, even their fictional personas find something in common.

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In the Season 3 episode, Manganiello plays Ben Ryan, a recently released ex-con who moves in across the street from Peter and Elizabeth (played by Tim DeKay and Tiffani Thiessen), and promptly draws the latter’s attention, Rear Window-style.

To get a better bead on what the Burkes’ new neighbor might be up to, Neal “bumps into” Ben after he meets with a parole officer, and tries to make a friend. Press PLAY below to see how Neal’s introduction is received.

Fun fact: Bomer and Manganiello also co-star — playing male strippers — in the movie Magic Mike, due to hit theaters in June.

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