Did Once Host a Secret Lost Cameo? Is Bones No Longer TV's Ickiest Show? And More Questions!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we are going to throw at you, from shows including Once Upon a Time, Fringe, Pretty Little Liars, White Collar and Project Runway All-Stars!

1 | Given the flood of memories going through our head as Chuck‘s series finale neared, how much of a gut-punch was it to see Sarah lose many of hers?

2 | Couldn’t you watch a whole episode of Fringe doppelgangers shooting looks at each other across a conference room table? (Our Broyles seemed to be thinking as he surveyed his twin, “Dial it down a notch, Major Tough Guy.”)

3 | Did you know that Lost boss Damon Lindelof voiced the TV weather reporter during that stormy episode of Once Upon a Time?

4 | Is there a character you’d like to punch more than Downton Abbey‘s Thomas?

5 | Let me get this straight, Gossip Girl: Tripp drained the car’s brake fluid, and he didn’t think anything too bad would happen? Guess we were wrong about who is the pretty one in the family.

6 | Between the nasally baby-doll voice and voluminous tresses, wasn’t Hilarie Burton nearly unrecognizable as Castle‘s Kardashian-like bimbette?

7 | Is it just us or does Hart of Dixie seem better when Lemon and George don’t interact at all? And that Belles chant will be turned into a rap, right?

8 | How unbelievably perfect was the moment where Pretty Little Liars‘ Aria and Ezra (finally) embraced — in slo-mo! — in the rain?

9 | After that “mother” of a reveal at the end of The Lying Game, does it seem (too?) obvious that Charisma Carpenter’s schemey Rebecca “Annie” Sewell is the twins’ actual birth mom?

10 | Is there any setting other than The Bachelor where a woman would giddily agree to a first date that finds the man taking her to a deserted field with a “No Trespassing” sign, making her strip to a bikini, and lowering her into a hole in the ground?

11 | Would having a teacher that looks like White Collar‘s Neal Caffrey be counter-productive, or encourage studying? We can’t decide. And where can the lovelorn of us get our own Mozzie?

12 | Did Southland take the crown from Bones, CSI, etc. for most gruesome/gross dead body on TV with that torn apart woman stuck under the SUV?

13 | We know it’s a soap, but don’t those 90210 kids get awfully serious awfully quickly? Silver mulling a move to New York with her man, Ivy trying to dissuade her new boyfriend’s international career… all after a matter of a couple months together?

14 | Couldn’t the State of the Union Address be streamlined to a lean half-hour if POTUS started off by asking everyone to hold their applause for the end?

15 | Just to be clear: Simply putting on a new blouse seemingly healed CSI Catherine’s previously debilitating bullet wound?

16 | After four weeks and a 100-percent appearance rate by women in the bottom two, we have to ask: Does Project Runway All-Stars have a problem with female designers, or did it just do a poor job of casting lady alumni for this season?

17 | Who wants to go with us to see Martin Luther King Day, the star-studded rom-com featured on 30 Rock? After all, the cast does bost Jenna Maroney as well as Emma Stone, John Krasinski, The Price Is Right‘s “Plinko” and The Flight Attendant Who Went Crazy.

18 | Are we in agreement that 30 Rock achieved one of its finest Tracy Jordan moments with his, “No presents? Please!” outburst?

19 | Was Tom’s jacket on Parks and Recreation a sign that he’s going to star in the Drive sequel? And “casual,” finger-gunning Leslie Knope is in a lot of ways funnier than the original, yes?

20 | How do we get Fun With Flags to air after Big Bang Theory, instead of Rob?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!