Cougar Town Exclusive: Look Who's Guest Starring in the [Spoiler]-Themed Season Finale!

Courteney Cox is expanding her Cul-de-Sac Crew to include her partner in life and work, David Arquette!

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that the Dancing With the Stars hoofer will guest-star in the ABC comedy’s [spoiler]-themed Season 3 finale as a hotel concierge who offers to help Jules and the gang with literally anything.

Cougar Town First Look: The Season 3 Poster!

The only surprise about Arquette’s C-Town stint is that it didn’t happen sooner. Although the actor is currently separated from Cox, the two are practically the poster children for happily estranged spouses. Plus, like Cox, Arquette serves as an exec producer on the much-missed series, which returns from hibernation on Feb. 14.

This is hardly the first time the duo have shared the screen. In addition to the Scream flicks, Arquette appeared on Friends in 1996.