The TVLine-Up: TV Worth Watching This Thursday

On TV this Thursday: NBC 30 Rocks extra-hard, The Finder gets looped into a Cinderella story, Showtime goes Inside Comedy with Seinfeld and Rickles, and more. Here are nine programs to keep on your radar.

8 pm American Idol (Fox) | The judges hear another round of good, bad and outrageous tryouts, this time in Galveston, Tex. (Read Michael Slezak’s Night 4/Aspen recap.)

8 pm 30 Rock (NBC) | Jack faces off with nemesis Devin Banks (guest star Will Arnett) and Liz’s new boyfriend (James Marsden). (But wait, there’s more 30 Rock at 9 o’clock….)

8 pm The Big Bang Theory (CBS) | Leonard and Penny experiment with dating, while Raj develops a peculiar relationship with his phone’s virtual assistant. (You may know her as Siri.)

8:30 pm Parks and Recreation (NBC) | Leslie and Ben hold a bowling party after hearing feedback from a focus group; April, Chris, Donna and Jerry wager to see who can raise the most campaign money.

8:30 pm Rob (CBS) | After Rob and Maggie disagree over a pillow, Rosa and Fernando teach them that their first fight will determine who has all of the power in their relationship.

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9 pm The Finder (Fox) | Walter assists with an unusual Cinderella story as a NASA scientist searches for the matching shoe of a red stiletto left behind by a woman he met at a bar.

9 pm 30 Rock (NBC) | In the second of tonight’s two new episodes, Liz borrows from Jack’s own playbook to handle her contract negotiations.

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10 pm Archer (FX) | Cyril is promoted to field agent and Malory institutes a strict drug-testing policy — neither of which sits well with the staff of ISIS.

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11 pm Inside Comedy (Showtime) | Series premiere: Comedy legends share with host David Steinberg (Curb Your Enthusiasm) defining moments, influences and struggles from their careers. The opener features Jerry Seinfeld and Don Rickles.

Which of the above is must-see for you? Also, hit Comments to offer your own tune-in suggestions!

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