Secret Circle Hot Shots: A Devilish Valentine's

How do the witches of The Secret Circle celebrate Valentine’s Day? We’ve got your first look at the Feb. 9 cupid-themed episode (airing at 9/8c on The CW), and it seems the gals aren’t too keen on the hearts and flowers holiday.

Once Prince Heads to Secret Circle

Faye and Melissa actually throw an anti-Valentine’s Day slumber party and invite Diana and Cassie to join in. But the night features more than just innocent pillow fights and girl talk after Melissa gives Diana some “Devil’s Spirit” and the newly single girl loosens up around Lee (Grey Damon), Faye’s current guy of interest. We shudder to think what Faye will say or do to Diana.

On top of everything, the sneak peek gallery below reveals that there might be another unexpected visitor crashing the girls’ night.

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