Project Runway All-Stars Recap: I Cant(aloupe) Believe It's Not Ice Cream!

This is a man’s world, or so James Brown once told us. And that 1966 lyric certainly seems apt in the current season of Project Runway All-Stars, where the judging tally after four episodes is as follows: Auf’d designers (4 out of 4 women); Bottom 2 finishers (8 out of 8 women); Bottom 3 (10 out of 12 women).

Apparently, two X chromosomes is not “on trend” for 2012!

Whether the lack of gender parity is a subconscious sexism on the part of the show, or a refreshing sign that contestants are being judged solely on the work they produce — and not on their reproductive organs — the lack of ladies’ luck has been hard to miss.

This week’s particularly impractical challenge? Design an outfit inspired by a particular flavor of gelato — and get it done in a mere six hours. Having scored the win last week, Michael got to choose first and went with grapefruit; he picked Mondo (canteloupe) to go second, while Mondo chose Mila (milk with sour cherries) to go third. And interestingly enough, that turned out to be the exact order of finish atop the judges’ leaderboard.

Perhaps because of the pressure of this week’s time constraints, joyous workroom moments were kept to a minimum. Anthony alone churned out the zippy bon mots. “Damn, I wish I had a cocktail,” he said during one exhausted moment. Later, observing Austin applying details to his dress with a glue gun, Anthony hollered, “That is liquid thread on that dress!” Oh, and of course, we also had April on hand to curse like a trucker with the gout. (Why are her f-bombs like Sour Patch Kids for my brain?)

Speaking of Young, Blonde, and Deliciously Surly, let’s jump right into a quick assessment of the judges’ three favorite and least-favorite looks, and also determine who was lucky to escape embarrassment in front of guest judges Diane Von Furstenberg and Miranda Kerr.

Judges’ Faves
Michael (pictured, right): High-fashion evening frock or glamorous bathrobe for a 1950s starlet? I’d lean more toward the latter, but Michael’s model definitely worked that garment like a 9-to-5. Georgina had a point that the color choice lacked a certain tartness, but the ruched sleeves and daring center slit earned this one a rightful spot in the Top 3.

Mondo (pictured, top): Isaac said he wished Mondo had shown more of his model’s body, but I wish Isaac had shown less of his wrongheadedness and allowed Mondo to take home the crown he so clearly earned. As Miranda noted, that plunging v in the back was “to die for,” the entire garment really flattered his model’s figure in a way caftans rarely do.

Mila: I cannot lie: This weekend I am going to forage like a caveman gatherer for “milk with sour cherries” gelato. Also: I’m delighted Mila is finally getting the respect that she’s entitled to. (Yes, I’m one of her fans.)

On the Chopping Block
April: Even though Diane was right that April’s wonky corset and “constructed with organza and an axe” skirt conjured up “a little piece of Halloween,” at least it had some interesting conceptual details. Was this really worse than Kara’s waistline-expanding catastrophe?

Kara: Everything that needs to be said about Kara’s dress can be summed up in this exchange from the judges:

Angela: “I also wrote down ‘pregnant.'”
Isaac: “The minute the word pregnant comes up, you know you’ve missed”

Anthony: The back of his dress looked like some kind of alien autopsy where the ribcage had been yanked open with a crowbar from the back. And while Isaac said the whole ice-cream dripping explanation made him like the garment more, I have to admit I just didn’t see it.

Totally Lucky
Austin: Save for that floral beaded strip down the front, this dour bridesmaid frock (pictured, bottom) pretty much embodied the flavor Austin selected: Vanilla.

What did you think of this week’s Project Runway? Would you have given the win to Mondo, Michael, or someone else? Did April deserve to go home, or did Kara get lucky? Did you think anyone in particular got robbed or managed to dodge a bullet? Sound off in the comments, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!