Chuck's Final Mission Intel, Part 2: There Will Be Big Fun (and Big-Budget Action!)

“Big.” “Epic.” And “very much like a movie.” According to Chuck cocreator Chris Fedak, that is what fans can expect from the NBC spy comedy’s two-hour series finale, airing this Friday starting 8/7c.

Speaking with reporters during a location shoot at a concert hall that was decked out for a sequence from the series-ender, Fedak said, “If you’ve noticed, we’ve spent a lot of money. We’re a little over budget. In fact, there may be a few people looking for me now! But it’s a long episode, and we go to a lot of different places.”

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And some of those locations did not come out of the experience unscathed. For example, “We blew up most of the Universal backlot a few days ago, using helicopters and stuff like that,” the show boss shared. And that Mark Pellegrino-as-Fulcrum Agent encore that kicks off the second hour, aboard a jet? “We actually did a special skydiving [sequence] based on what happens [there],” Fedak teased.

All of which should give Chuck fans the visceral thrill they expect from the “action” half of the spy comedy. “The amazing thing about this show is that we put everything on the screen,” Fedak noted. “And we have a lot of big action coming up.”

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But have no fear, the “comedy” half is also on display as Team Bartowski tees up its big goodbye. And some of it comes courtesy of that (extremely) indie sensation known as Jeffster! “I never know what they’re going to come up with,” Scott Krinsky (aka Jeff) shared, not at liberty to divulge the song in Chuck‘s swan song. “But it always seems to make sense, and this one, I think, works.”

And it works regardless (or is it because?) of whether Krinsky’s other half was up to the task.

“I really feel like the criteria must be, ‘What’s the most difficult song for Vik to sing? That’s how we’ll choose our music!'” Vik Sahay joked. “I mean, it’s an insane song and, like, so difficult! It’s kind of a beautiful, bizarre, apt choice…. It worked out OK, I think.”

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But who is Sahay kidding? Faithful Chuck viewers won’t vote Jeffster! out for a pitchy performance, especially when the tunes are coming from the heart.

Surveying the show’s capacity to move as well as amuse people, lead actor Zachary Levi said, “One of the things I’ve always heard is that part of the reason why we’ve been able to maintain what we have is that people can feel the fun that we have, feel it transcend the television. And if there’s any truth to that, I can only assume that they’re going to feel the love and emotion that we all felt doing this together.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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