Grey's Anatomy Exclusive First Look: Callie Surprises Arizona With a [Spoiler]!

Callie and Arizona are either going to have the best Valentine’s Day ever or the worst.

In Grey’s Anatomy‘s Feb. 9 episode, Callie plans a surprise for Arizona on the most romantic day of the year that, should it bomb, could result in not one but two broken hearts.

“Arizona isn’t quite sure that it’s going to be a surprise that she likes,” previews the character’s portrayer, Jessica Capshaw. “She puts on her game face because she wants to like it so bad. But she’s not entirely convinced that she will.”

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Viewers will learn what the surprise is at the same time Arizona does — which will be at the tail end of the love-soaked hour. Based on the exclusive image below, we know that it is set in outdoors. “It’s something that kind of fell into Callie’s lap that seemed lucky,” Capshaw adds, “and she wants to share it with Arizona.”

Scan the photo below for additional clues and then hit the comments with your thoughts and theories!