Gossip Girl Preview: Blair's Royal Wedding Brings Love, Scheming and Blasts From the Past

Church bells will be ringing next Monday on Gossip Girl as Blair prepares to marry Prince Louis. TVLine got a sneak peek at the milestone 100th installment, “G.G.,” plus a Q&A with executive producers Josh Safran and Stephanie Savage. While we’ve been sworn to secrecy on most of the juicy details, here are a few things we can share:

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THE LOVE SQUARE RAGES ON | Who will ultimately win Blair’s heart? Like we could tell you! But the bride-to-be’s relationships with all three men in her life – Chuck, Dan and Louis – will be a key point of the episode. And all three gentlemen may end up surprising you.

HOPES WILL BE DASHED? | The hour opens with Serena dreaming: She plays Marilyn Monroe to Blair’s Audrey Hepburn, with Dan as the man who’s caught in the middle – until he chooses Audrey. So is the blonde’s subconscious trying to tell her something about her ex and her best friend? “Serena feels like she might be losing things in her world right now,” says Safran. “The ground is shifting underneath [her].”

UNHOLY ALLIANCES ARE FORMED | Why does the hottie priest of Monaco care so much about stopping Louis’ wedding? “He wants the royal ear,” answers Safran. And to get that power position, he may have even used Beatrice. “I don’t know if that was an organic relationship that he had with Beatrice,” notes the EP. But now that Father Cavalia has had the prince’s sister shipped off, he’ll turn to Chuck for help, challenging him in the process. “Anytime anyone reforms [the way Chuck did],” those changes have to be tested, says Safran.

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SPARKS WILL FLY | Devilish schemer Georgina Sparks is back to wreak havoc on Blair’s nuptials! But her motives are “more entertainment than evil,” insist Savage. Adds Safran: “Maximum damage makes her laugh.”

A NEW ROMANCE EMERGES | Despite not hitting it off right away (see this sneak preview from Monday’s episode), Nate and the real Charlie will find that they have something in common: family troubles. “He’s in a position where he can help her, and actually use what he’s learned in his life to help somebody else, as opposed to just constantly being s— on,” reveals Safran with a laugh. That connection with Charlie will be “a really interesting story for [Nate] and really allows him to emotionally mature.”

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GOING BACK TO THE FUTURE | A word of advice: Watch the show’s very first episode before you tune in for “G.G.” It’ll be worth it because, in preparation for the big episode, Safran “watched the pilot like seven times” and peppered it with awesome callbacks. As for the show’s future, the producers remain very confident that another season of drama is ahead. “We’re not writing a series finale this year,” says Savage. “We’ve checked in with our bosses to make sure we’re not shooting ourselves in the foot.”