Hart of Dixie Boss on Zoe's (Blue)Belle Moment, Wade's Excellent Adventure and a Finale Wedding

Hart of Dixie resumes its freshman run this Monday at 9/8c with what Dr. Zoe Hart would diagnose as a hellacious bout of Bluebell Belle-ism (see the photo at right). And that’s only the beginning!

Showrunner Leila Gerstein tells TVLine there are major twists ahead on the CW charmer, including more opportunities to engage in that timeless Team Wade/Team George debate and a big, season-ending wedding.

Hart of Dixie Hot Shots: Zoe’s Dance Date Is…

ANTI-BELLE OF THE BALL | Turns out the fish-out-of-water doc was actually born into a spot in the town’s costumed crew — who’dve thunk? “This week, Zoe discovers that she is a belle by lineage because of [her father] Harley’s family,” Gerstein teases with a laugh. “She goes through the initial rituals, and obviously Lemon has to haze her. It’s really fun.”

‘SHIPPER SCOOP | Let the record show that Gerstein is not shy about her affection for the pairing of one Bluebell badboy and his unrequited crush. “I love Wade and Zoe!” she proclaims. That said, “The fun of the show is that you’re not supposed to be for any particular pairing. There are some viable reasons for Team George and some viable reasons for Team Wade, and it fluctuates from moment to moment.” So, what she’s saying is that Wade and Zoe are soulmates… right? We kid, but a TVLine editor can dream.

TEAM WEMON | More Wade and Lemon funtimes are approaching. Gerstein reveals that an upcoming episode finds the onetime pals going on “a fantastic adventure” where “Lemon has to pretend to not be Lemon for the night.” Continues the EP, “Wade actually takes her to some of his stomping grounds, and — big spoiler — Lemon can really line dance.”

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WEDDING DAY BLUES | “We’re working toward a finale wedding day for George and Lemon,” Gerstein shares. “But big secrets are exploding all over the place.” To clarify, “the big secret” is the one in which George has no idea that his friend Lavon and his fiancée Lemon had a thing while he was away on business in New York. And, Gerstein adds, “It’s actually being parsed out with different people finding out at different times. Sooner than you think, in fact.” And in case you’re worried about the likelihood of Dixie receiving a Season 2 order, Gerstein jokes, “We’re writing a humongous cliffhanger so the network has to pick us up!”

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