Exclu-Hiss-ive First Look: Grimm's Snake Man!

Tonight’s all-new Grimm introduces two new creatures — one good and one evil incarnate — and we’ve got your exclusive first look at the polar opposite man beasts.

In the episode, titled “Of Mouse and Man,” Nick learns that a seemingly mild-mannered resident could be festering a potential monster created from a dark childhood.

The former (played by Lost‘s Fred Koehler) is called a Mauzhertz (bottom photo, below) and is an extremely timid mouse creature with beady eyes, whiskers, pointed nose and oversized teeth, while the latter (Leverage‘s Doug Brooks) is a Lausenschlange (top photo), a snake creature with a forked tongue and fangs who grips his victims like a boa constrictor. Grimm lore has it that Nick’s ancestor, Crawford, killed one by severing its head. Lausenschlange typically prey on lesser creatures, such as Mauzhertz.

Feast your eyes on the striking duo below and then see them in action tonight at 9/8c on NBC.

Photo: NBC, Special Effects: Bent Image Lab

Photo: NBC, Special Effects: Bent Image Lab


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