Grey's Anatomy Recap: Gone, But Not Forgotten - Plus the Wild First 'Alt Reality' Promo

Episodes like that which Grey’s Anatomy put forth this Thursday make me think that sometimes the best hours of TV are the ones that aren’t entirely about what you think they’ll be about.

Because coming off of last week, of course all eyes were on Teddy, who had just finally processed Henry’s death, Cristina, the surgeon who operated on her mentor’s husband, and Owen, the chief of surgery who kept his staffer in the dark about her loss.

And yes, there was stirring, loud payoff to that storyline in the final scene, where we realize that Owen’s beef with Teddy and Cristina stealing a surgery was not so much with the head-strong widow, but with his own wife, who makes her own decisions and stands by them come hell or high water.

Or come aborted child.

“You killed our baby!” Owen erupted at his missus, well within earshot of the happy-shiny party being thrown for Zola. Kevin McKidd drove home his character’s long-percolating outrage, while Sandra Oh, as usual, in her brief reaction moment registered egocentric Cristina’s surprise at his burst.

But lost in all the A-story hubbub surrounding Teddy et al was this throway line from ABC’s synopsis for “Suddenly”: “Meanwhile, Adele is brought into the hospital after she is found wandering the streets.”

People, there was no “meanwhile” to Loretta Devine’s performance last night. As those who follow my Twitter feed saw me opine, I’d like to think that she cinched an Emmy nod for Guest Actress in a Drama, the category in which she grabbed the gold last September. What emotions she cycled through, starting off as an impatient wife determined to see her husband, then the disillusioned spouse full of jealous accusations (as she mistook Meredith for Richard’s onetime lover, Ellis), and finally the kvelling sweetheart for whom “My Funny Valentine” heals all wounds.

And as an emotional kicker for the excellent hour, the subplot with the young boy who let his mom believe he was oblivious to his tumor situation? Oy. Heart-wrenching performances there, too, by both mother and son.

Turning from the too-real to the unreal: Capping this week’s Grey’s was the first promo for the “alt reality” episode titled “If/Then,” which among other things gave us a first look at the “alt” Lexie. Watch it again here, and share in comments your assorted anticipations/questions.

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