Fringe: Scoop on Olivia's Doomed Fate, Peter's Exit Plan, David Robert Jones' Endgame and More

Last week’s episode of Fox’s Fringe — as an ersatz fall finale is wont to do — left viewers with many questions. For one, what’s up with the Observer’s very dire premonition about Olivia? What is big bad David Robert Jones’ endgame? And is Peter’s plan still to get out of Dodge? Though everyone was traditionally cryptic, here is what TVLine was able to glean from series bosses J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner and star lead Joshua Jackson.

TVLINE | The Observer warning Olivia that she must die — is that tied to an existing plot point, or is it kicking off a new storyline?
J.H. WYMAN | Not to use the word “recontextualize” as we often do [Laughs], but it will make you look at things that you’ve seen in a little bit of a different way.
JEFF PINKNER | We have been already laying tracks this season for stuff that will become more and more clear as the season goes on.

TVLINE Does Olivia’s doomed fate have to do with her recent migraines?
PINKNER | It may… perhaps. You knew we were go to say perhaps.

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TVLINE Will Olivia share this grim forecast with her team?
JOSHUA JACKSON | It… becomes evident. It comes up.

TVLINE Is this, like, just a way to balance things out and give Anna Torv her own job security “scare,” after telling Joshua Jackson last spring that Peter was going to cease to exist?
PINKNER | Oh, all of our actors are pretty comfortable with their job security. We love all of our children equally.

TVLINE Speaking of Olivia: When will we pick up the Nina Sharpe thread? When last seen, she had some goons inject her “daughter figure” with a drug….
PINKNER | Very soon. We try very hard to plan things and then attend to them, and not just ignore them for weeks and weeks and weeks.

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TVLINE What is David Robert Jones’ “uberplan”? When will it become evident?
WYMAN | Soon enough. We’re well into it now.
PINKNER | For the people who have been watching closely, there are already some hints as to what his plans are.

TVLINE As the David Robert Jones threat becomes evident, will Peter put a pin in his endeavor to get “home”?
JACKSON | Not as such. He definitely is involved in helping to fight the good fight, but one is really not on hold in service of the other. They’re sort of happening on parallel tracks. And I think that Peter is of the opinion that if he could remove himself from this timeline, all of these things that have been unleashed by his being here would be undone. Yeah, he’s got a bit of a martyr complex this year. [Laughs]

What are your current theories, Fringe fans? Why “must” Olivia die? Is Nina perhaps a shifty shapeshifter, or could she actually be trying to help Olivia? Pontificate in comments!