Vampire Diaries' Joseph Morgan on Klaus Wooing a New Lady and Winning the War With Stefan

Joseph Morgan of The Vampire Diaries (Thursdays, 8/7c) is  very “excited” about Klaus’ new romantic storyline on the CW drama. And after watching last week’s episode, we can see why. Sharing a single, but powerful scene with Caroline, Klaus pretty much sealed our suspicions that the blonde vamp is the object of his desire.

Below, Morgan talks about the difficulties of wooing his new love interest, Klaus and Stefan’s game of one-upmanship, his character’s family troubles, breaking sire bonds and more!

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TVLINE | We have to talk about this love interest that Klaus is getting. What can you hint about the storyline?
He has his eye on somebody. It’s not going to be an easy process for him. He’s used to getting his way, and he’s not going to get his way straight away here. This girl is going to play hard to get and is going to be difficult for him to woo. And after a 1,000 years of the same old, same old, to have someone new and interesting and intriguing is a novel concept for him. So a part of it is the excitement of having this new challenge and part of it is just I feel like he’s picky. You roam for a 1,000 years, you’ve been there and done that, so he really is looking for someone who is going to challenge and stimulate him, and I think he really does find that. So I’ve enjoyed tremendously the last couple of episodes, playing a different side to him, and it’s different to how he is with his family. … It’s a different kind of humanity, a different kind of emotion, with somebody who you’re trying to woo, who you are trying to invest in, and you desperately want to invest in you.

TVLINE | Were you surprised by who the person is?
Yes. It’s not what I saw coming. … It’s incredibly exciting. That could be said for all off the twists and turns. Every time I get script I’m like, “Really?! Oh my goodness, I didn’t see that coming.” Even to the point when I got my first script — “This guy’s a hybrid?! What?” It’s all so exciting.

TVLINE | They’re introducing your brothers, Kol and Finn. What’s Klaus’ dynamic with them like?
What’s wonderful about that is that the writers have really worked to make these two guys individual. It’s not just like there are these two badasses, and they’re both the same and you can’t tell them apart. They really have distinct personalities ,just like Elijah and Klaus are very different. … You can’t say Kol is “kind of like Damon” or Kol is “kind of like” that. They’re really not. They’re on their own, and they have distinct motives and relationships. It’s just been really interesting bringing in, again, a new dynamic. I feel like we’re getting closer and closer to a spin-off.

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TVLINE | Is their introduction a good thing or a bad thing for Klaus?
Well, let’s put it this way: He’s been carrying family around within coffins. He daggered them all. They’ve all been under the assumption for however many years that their father killed their mother when really we found out it was him. So it’s going to be bad news when they get out of the coffins. It’s not going to be a good thing for him. He’s going to have some serious explaining to do.

TVLINE | Stefan’s playing pretty hardcore with the coffin business, and Klaus hasn’t had a lot of luck with him and the standoff.  What is he going to do next?
Klaus is really all about the war, not the battle, and he’s a strategist. If there’s one thing you learn after being around for a 1,000 years, it’s patience, and he certainly has reams of that. So I feel like, yeah, there’s going be steps taken, which he didn’t expect, but he’s going to regroup and he’s going to strategize and he’s going to figure out how to get the better of them. But it’s going to be ongoing for a little while. What’s in the fourth coffin is going to be something pretty exciting, and they’re going to milk that for a little while, I think.

TVLINE | Bonnie’s kind of teamed up with Stefan in this whole ordeal. Does that bring her into conflict with Klaus?
Oh, absolutely. If you’re not with him, you’re against him, right? She’s putting herself in the firing line there — and her mother as well — so it’s a huge deal.

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TVLINE | Their last confrontation was in the high school was pretty nasty. Is there another big face-off coming?
There’s little snippets, yeah. It’s funny because I really love Kat Graham. We get along really well, and we have hardly anything to do with each other in the show. So we’re always pushing a little bit for more. But yeah, we’re going to see those characters on the screen together again, let’s say that.

TVLINE | Let’s talk about the relationship with Tyler and that weird little dynamic. Is there any way that a sire bond can be broken?
That’s something that he wants because, more and more, Klaus is pushing him to an uncomfortable place. And one of the things I thought about Klaus from the beginning is he is a button pusher. So if he makes Tyler do something uncomfortable, and Tyler is visibly uncomfortable with it, next week he’ll try something even worse. There’s not a way that we know of as yet that a sire bond can be broken. It’s an incredibly strong bond, but I know that that’s something that Tyler’s working towards, that he wants. But I just don’t know whether it will be possible or I don’t know the answer to that. If it is, it’s going to be pretty difficult, I would imagine. It’ll involve magic of some sort.