Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Grey's, Supernatural, NCIS, Hawaii Five-0, CSI, Bones and More!

Does Lexie Grey still exist? Why are the Winchesters trading places? What’s this about Tony DiNozzo and a kid?! Read on for those scoops, plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Grey’s Anatomy | Leading off with a dip into the mailbag, @Humbugged tweets, “Is Lexie in the AU episode? She’s missing from the stills released.” You know, I assumed the younger Grey would be MIA from the alt-reality episode (just as Mark is). But while chatting with Kim Raver, Teddy’s portrayer let slip that while she herself isn’t in the episode, she did see Chyler Leigh on set in “alt” mode – and a Grey’s rep confirms that yes, we’ll see Lexie and “not in a way you’d expect.” (UPDATE: See screen grab from brand-new promo, at right. She’s like The Girl With the Dreadlocks and Tattoo.) As for why Alex is geeked out in the AU, Raver clammed up: “Um… I can’t say!”

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Supernatural | As if Sam and Dean haven’t been on wild enough of a ride this season, watch for a bit of a role reversal this spring. As Jared Padalecki reveals, “We’re shooting an episode where Sam finds himself in the same situation that Dean was in with Amy. So where it was Dean trying to do the right thing that a hunter would do, even though Sam insisted that he trusted this girl, now we find Sam in that situation, where Dean’s like, ‘Hey, I trust this person,’ and Sam’s going, ‘Well, you’re not in your right mind.'” Seeing the bros step into each other’s shoes, says Padalecki, should be fun for longtime viewers. “The tables turn a little bit, and we see what Sam and Dean would do in opposite situations.”

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NCIS | I’ve got a few more scooplets about Episode 200, which I first told you about last week. For starters, the scene that the press got a sneak peek at, involving Gibbs in his diner and a shooting? Yeah, that happens  — meaning it’s not one of the “What if?” scenarios imagined by Jethro during the hour (which show boss Gary Glasberg says has a “a Christmas Carol quality to it”). Glasberg also confirmed there is an appearance by rogue Mossad agent Ari Haswari in the same episode – and that’s far from the only blast from the past to expect. Oh, and the first meeting between Tony and Ziva that I told us about? I neglected to mention what Cote de Pablo revealed – that it involves an “interrogation.” And speaking of DiNozzo, one of you wrote in to ask if we’ll ever find out what “bargain” Tony made with God in “Engaged.” Says Glasberg: “The beauty of NCIS, from my perspective, is that you can plant little seeds like that and then chip away at it. So sure, we’ll revisit that. And [in the season premiere] we set up this whole thing about a ‘kid in Baltimore,’ and that’s going to be dealt with in the latter half of the season.” Tony DiNozzo III? (I kid…?)

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Hawaii Five-0 | Checking my Twitter feed again, @reikoafans wants to know when might next see Reiko Aylesworth on the show. A Five-0 rep assures me that while Chin and Malia are quite happily married, Aylesworth’s next visit has not yet been booked. Which isn’t to say Malia is far from Chin’s thoughts while at work. In fact, there’s a February sweeps episode where Chin nearly triggers an international incident involving a possible radiological weapon – getting in big trouble with the lieutenant governor – all while struggling to think of something special to get his wife for Valentine’s Day. How about just staying out of prison, pal?

CSI Books Jesse McCartney for February Sweeps

CSI | Just before delving into this week’s Inside Line, I cued up Marg Helgenberger’s final episode, airing Jan. 25, and damn, she done got me all misty. In fact, I think it’s safe to venture that the sad looks on the CSI squad members’ faces during her goodbye are the actors’ own expressions, partly because the scene is scripted right down the middle – is Catherine leaving us, or Marg? Plotwise, the continuation of the Mark Gabriel case serves up a nice (if not 100-percent surprising) twist, Catherine’s very final scene is perhaps not with whom you expect, and if you were at all bummed to see Grant Show’s McQuaid buy the farm, know this: Willows might receive a proposal from a handsome FBI agent just yet.

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Bones | The Jeffersonian team may be in standby mode now, but they’re never off TVLine’s radar. Speaking with T.J. Thyne, I asked if Hodgins will still be teasing their good ol’ boy squintern, Finn (aka “Opie”), when the show returns in the spring. “After that whole thing with the snake [in the competitive eater episode], I think they bonded,” Thyne said, alluding to Finn’s first case. “Now I look at him like Jack’s new little brother. Ever since Zack left the show, which has broken all of our hearts, Jack’s been missing that camaraderie — and now with Finn, I think he’s got it.” As for the other half of “Hodgela,” Michaela Conlin said that when Bones comes back, expect “a lot of stuff with her and Brennan, being that they’re both new moms.”

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Chuck | Nerds alert! There are just two more weeks/three hours of Chuck left, and this Friday’s episode – “Chuck vs. The Bullet Train” – earned high marks from Yvonne Strahovski. “I loved that episode” she told me (during the same chat in which she taunted us with this). “Buzz [Feitshans], our DP (Director of Photography), directed that episode, and it was his first time, so I’m super-excited to see how it worked out.” OK, but what can we look forward to in front of the camera? “It’s a really cool episode,” Strahosvki promises, “with a lot of kicking ass on the train.” We like!

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