Survivor: One World Cast Includes Phlebotomist, NFL Vet's Wife, Stand-Up Comic - Watch Video!

Eighteen castaways will engage in a battle of the sexes on Survivor: One World, premiering Wednesday, Feb. 15 on CBS. This season’s contestants come from a wide variety of unique, specific careers, ranging from a phlebotomist (fancy name for a lab tech who draws blood for tests) to a motorcycle repairman to a timeshare salesman (egads). The two competing tribes will share one beach (or “one world”), fighting the elements and one another to stay in the game.

Dressed in their island’s best, the “very attractive” Season 24 cast ranges in age from 21 to 64. See if you can spot the male model, the ex-NFL player’s wife (aka Mrs. Culpepper) and the sushi chef amid the bunch.

Check out the cast in action in the video below — including a machete-wielding “Country Girl” and a guy who calls himself “Troyzan” — then hit the comments with your predictions on who will outwit, outplay and outlast the competition.