Hot Video: Hart of Dixie's Rachel Bilson Answers Critics Who Give Her TV Doc a Bad Rap

Rachel Bilson’s prescription for those illin’ over her portrayal of a doctor on Hart of Dixie? A fun and very NSFW rap video.

The actress channels Natalie Portman (à la SNL circa 2006) — and at one point even dons Black Swan garb — in her latest FunnyorDie piece, titled “Call Me Doctor.” Sporting grillz and a chain and at times toting a gun, the “five-foot-nothing” Bilson raps her way through criticisms of “looking like a real doctor” and her absence from television since The O.C. (“Comin’ at me like, ‘Where ya been?’/You should be askin’ Mischa Barton” is among our favorite rhymes).

Dixie co-stars Wilson Bethel and Scott Porter join in on the fun too, reversing the typical rap video roles as they wash a car in shorts and tank tops, seductively playing to the camera.

And to top it all off, she makes it rain. Dolla dolla Bils, y’all.

Check out the video below (WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE) and tell us what you think of Bilson’s new ‘tude.