Up Next for the New Girl's Besties: A Big Plunge, Blasts from the Past and Maximum Nudity

There is more to Fox’s New Girl than new girl Jess (played by Zooey Deschanel). In fact, the pixie’s pals are dorky and adorable in their own right, and have plenty of wild times on tap. Here is what the cast shared with TVLine about the upcoming antics for Nick, Schmidt, Winston and Cece.

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BIRTHDAY BOISTEROUS | First and foremost, this Tuesday (at 8/7c) on the freshman hit it’s Schmidt’s 29th birthday, and that can only mean one thing. “It’s all about complete douchebaggery, and he pulls us all into it,” shares Jake M. Johnson, who plays Nick. “Even Nick has to get dirty with the douchebaggery, because of his affection for his friend.”

NICK GETS DOWN WITH LIZZY CAPLAN, THEN TAKES THE PLUNGE | For a less-than-ideal first date, Nick brings a new crush, played by Party Down‘s Lizzy Caplan, to the aforementioned party. Johnson describes Julia, a lawyer, as “really tough – as you’d imagine from knowing Lizzy Caplan’s work.” He then hails his new scene partner as “really fun” — and but the latest hottie to land in Nick’s arms (coming on the heels of Lake Bell). “[Series creator] Liz Meriwether teases me about it all the time – ‘ I write all these beautiful women to make out with you!’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, this is the best day job!'” Coming soon: Nick takes the plunge, literally. Previewing the escapade, Johnson says, “There’s a health scare, and Nick’s whole thing is that he stands on the sideline a lot…. So Jess is like, ‘Do something!’ And what he decides to do is rip of his clothes and jump into the ocean.” And how did that shoot go? “Oh, it was really cold,” the actor reports.

WINSTON’S BLASTS FROM THE PAST | Winston’s love life will get a lift when Kali Hawk (Couples Retreat) guest-stars on Jan. 31, playing an old flame that just might reignite. “You’ll see Winston chase her around for a little bit, to try to get her back in his life,” says Lamorne Morris. “It’s fantastic.” And as scooped earlier this week, New Girl will revisit Winston and Nick’s old days as friends. “There are flashbacks,” Morris promises, “And you’ll see the beginning of Schmidt in our lives, too.”

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SCHMIDT HAPPENS… TO GET NAKED, A LOT | At Fox’s winter TCA panel discussion last week, show boss Meriwether teased “a big naked moment” for Max Greenfield’s alter ego. Does he care to elaborate? “Just when you think it couldn’t get more aggressive [in undressing Schmidt], it does,” he tells us. “But the good news is I don’t think I could get much more nude than I am in that upcoming episode – especially not on Fox.” On the romantic front, Greenfield says Schmidt is “still trying to work on that Cece thing. Hopefully that’ll happen at some point.” (Perhaps sooner rather than later, based on the sexy spoiler TVLine shared here.)

CECE IS VALENTINE DAZED | Hannah Simone touts the show’s Feb. 14 outing as “one of my favorite episodes.” For one, Cece’s ginormous sometime-beau Kyle (Hung‘s Stephen Amell) is back in the mix, “and he is in fine form – meaning, in full-on cocky jock mode. “We’re talking the worst Valentine’s Day ever,” Simone laughs. “Cece really goes through the wringer.” The model’s bestie Jess, meanwhile, hooks up with True Blood‘s Ryan Kwanten for the (theoretically) romantic evening. “[Ryan] is soooo funny,” Simone raves. “During rehearsal, everyone was in tears.”