90210's Jessica Stroup Teases Taboo Romance, a Surprising Truce and Silver's New Mystery Friend

The CW’s 90210 as of late has kind of become The Naomi Clark Show, and we’d like to counter that with some much-needed Silver scoop.

With the series resuming Season 4 this Tuesday at 8/7c, Jessica Stroup tells TVLine what’s ahead for West Bev’s artsy alum, including a new love triangle, unlikely friendships and the possibility of a fresh start with Adrianna.

THE OLDER MAN | Last we saw, Silver was hellbent on starting a life with her married (!) new beau. So, has the rushed romance stuck? “Silver’s in a predicament,” Stroup teases. “She’s really trying to convince herself that she’s into this new guy, but he has all of these secrets.” Oddly enough, an upcoming conversation between Silver and Navid “ends up revealing” some of Greg’s privileged info, which ultimately results in “some big life lessons coming Silver’s way.”

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THE EX | Stroup reveals that while Silver “will find out fully what went down” between Navid and the feds, the duo won’t rekindle their romance right away. “Navid will try whatever he can to let her know that this was all for her,” says the actress, “but it may just be too late, because she’s trying to move on.”

THE FORMER GAL-PAL | Braces yourselves for a shocker: Silver is actually on her way to forgiving Ade for her pill-switching, boyfriend-stealing, nude photo-posting indiscretions. “The one thing Silver never thought possible is that she’d actually understand Adrianna and why she did the things that she did,” Stroup shares, “but there’s stuff coming up with these two finding a truce.”

THE NEW-OLD FRIEND | “Toward the end the season, Silver is going to find a new friend in one of [the group members] who she hasn’t necessarily found that in before,” Stroup teases. What’s more, this new companionship “leads her down a whole different path for career choices.” Let’s guess who it might be: She’s dated Dixon and Navid, and she’s palled around with Annie, Ade, Naomi and kind of Ivy…. Perhaps Raj or Liam is her new bud?

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