Seen & Heard: Hot Golden Globes Scoop on Glee, Grey's, Chuck, Game of Thrones and More!

In between snapping photos of my your favorite celebs at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards, I trolled the red carpet, ballroom and after parties looking for — what else — spoilers on my your favorite shows! What follows are the scoopiest bits — and juiciest observations — from my Golden adventure, with ample assists from my fellow Globe-trotters Megan Masters and Vlada Gelman.

GLEE AND MODERN FAMILY | 20th Century Fox Television’s quick-thinking head of communications, Chris Alexander, devised a nifty work-around to the major seating shortage in the Beverly Hilton ballroom that squeezed out some cast members from Glee and Modern Family. Moments before the best comedy series trophy was handed out, Alexander were seen quickly escorting the supporting casts of both shows – including Max Adler, Ashley Fink and Dot Marie Jones from Glee and several of the Modern Family kids — to the back of the ballroom so they’d be ready to join their castmates on stage in the event either won (which MF did). Very classy.

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GLEE | Mark Salling confirmed that Puck’s fling with Shelby is over. He also seemed to rule out a reunion with Quinn. “Puck is going back to being a swinging bachelor,” he told us.

GLEE | Paramedics were called to the ballroom at the conclusion of the ceremony to attend to Naya Rivera (Santana), igniting a mini-panic on Twitter. “She is completely fine,” a 20th rep told TVLine afterwards. “It was very warm and crowded and she felt lightheaded so we erred on the side of caution.”

GLEE | Prior to the ceremony, Helen Mirren’s face lit up when I raved about her awesome guest stint on this week’s Glee. “I loved doing it,” she gushed.

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CHUCK | Zach Levi, who we observed mingling with everyone from Adam Levine to the female cast of Glee in the ballroom during commercial breaks, told TVLine that the show’s Jan. 27 swan song “is very homage-y,” adding, “There are nods to the pilot and the first few episodes of the first season. We come full circle on the characters and the relationships. There’s a lot of Square 1 stuff, and I think the fans will get a real kick out of it.”

GREY’S ANATOMY | “It’s crazy town,” Kate Walsh said of the upcoming alternate reality episode of Grey’s while sipping a cocktail at HBO’s celeb-packed post-Globes bash. “Everybody is totally different. Addison’s [still] married to Derek and she got a little bit of red lipstick and a severe hairdo. It was awesome.”

GAME OF THRONES | Emilia Clarke described Season 2 (bowing April 1) as “bigger and better,” adding that Daenerys is “competing in a man’s world. There’s a bit more political drama for her this season, which is very, very interesting to play.”

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AMERICAN HORROR STORY | Taissa Farmiga and Evan Peters admitted that they had no clue if they’d be back for the show’s second season, but Peters called Ryan Murphy’s decision to reset the storyline each season “a genius idea. You’d get tired of the house and all of those characters and everybody being dead – it would get stale. So this is a great idea to keep the audience interested.

HOMELAND | Mandy Patinkin revealed that his character, Saul, has three children on the show. Sort of. “One is Carrie, one is our country, and I think Brody becomes a child to him as well,” he shared. Regarding Season 2, he said there are “endless possibilities” story-wise. “We could still end up in the CIA this year,” he mused. “And if the political situation continues for Brody, eventually we might all end up morphing ourselves into Congress or the White House or something else, so Homeland might have begun with the CIA and might end up in a very different place.”

NEW GIRL | The rookie comedy is turning back the clock. “We’re going to revisit our past as friends,” revealed Lamorne Morris (Winston). “There are flashbacks, and you’ll see the beginning of Schmidt in our lives, too.” Added Jake Johnson (Nick): “Nick and Winston grew up together, so we’re going to explore that dynamic.”

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* Even Buffy gets starstuck! At the HBO bash, Ringer leading lady Sarah Michelle Gellar geeked out when she realized she was standing mere feet from Jane Fonda.

* Former Jack & Jill and Studio 60 costars Amanda Peet and Sarah Paulson enjoyed an exuberant reunion on the red carpet. Peet ditched her hubby, Game of Thrones EP David Benioff, in the middle of an on-camera interview to warmly embrace pal Paulson.

* Will Arnett was rushing into the ballroom when he spotted Gerard Butler and proceeded to give him the biggest man hug in history.

* Dream team alert? Connie Britton and Aaron Sorkin were spotted deep in conversation inside the ballroom.

* First thing Big Bang Theory‘s Kaley Cuoco did when she got to the HBO party? Find the nearest available seat and kick off her Jimmy Choos.

* Piper Perabo (Covert Affairs) braved the rain-soaked pavement at the HBO party to catch up with her Imagine You and Me co-star Lena Headey (Game of Thrones).