Once Upon a Time's Jennifer Morrison Talks Hansel and Gretel, Graham's Suspicious Death

This Sunday on Once Upon a Time (ABC, 8/7c), Hansel and Gretel are in for a not-at-all-sweet treat when they are lured into the home of the blind witch (played by Buffy alum Emma Caulfield) — while their Storybrooke counterparts, homeless waifs Josef and Ava, shed light on Emma’s own difficult childhood.

“This is actually one of my favorite episodes,” Jennifer Morrison says of bounty hunter-by-trade Emma’s mission to track down the Maine moppets’ birth dad, before they are put into the foster care system.

“Since you can’t flash back to my life in fairytale land, because it never happened, they’re using Hansel and Gretel as they did Cinderella [in “The Price of Gold”] to reveal some of Emma’s backstory,” the actress explains. “So what Emma goes through to try and help these children ends up becoming very personal for her, as her own life [as a foster kid] is in a sense revealed.”

Once Upon a Time Hot Shots: Hansel and Gretel
Visit Emma Caulfield’s Creepy Blind Witch

And while many a Buffyverse fan will be tuning in to see Caulfield camp it up as the blind witch, this time around, at least, we won’t meet her in Maine. “But everyone who is in fairytale land definitely has a Storybrooke counterpart,” Morrison notes. “Whether or not we see them immediately doesn’t mean they don’t exist.”

Speaking of MIA Storybrooke peeps, we asked Morrison if Emma might start to catch onto the fact that dearly departed Sheriff Graham — with whom the blonde beauty was striking a spark at the time of his very abrupt death — didn’t die of entirely natural causes.

“Probably not anytime soon,” she ventured. “But maybe eventually….”

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