Gossip Girl Boss on Chuck's 'Struggle,' Serena's 'Anxiety,' Blair's 'Denial' Over Dan and More!

Get out your cell phones for a very important blast: Gossip Girl is back this Monday (The CW, 8/7c), and there’s much ado on the Upper East Side. TVLine chatted with executive producer Josh Safran about what’s in store as the show heads into a “lighter” spring.

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TVLINE | Blair and Chuck reunited in the fall finale, but Blair is getting married to Louis in the 100th episode. What’s changed?
I wouldn’t say necessarily that Blair is getting married to Louis in the 100th episode, but there definitely is an event scheduled. What happens at that event is TBD. You’re going to find out [Monday] what has happened. There’s a significant time jump between Episodes 10 and 11. A lot of the episode is told in flashback as to what really happened. You’ll definitely learn why they’ve gone from professing their future plans to each other in the back of the limo to Blair walking down the aisle with Louis. … All I can say is more so than ever, [Monday’s] episode very much takes place from Chuck and Blair’s point of view.

TVLINE | Chuck’s had a lot of growth this season. Is that something that’s going to stick or might he go back to his bad ways?
The decision to continue to grow and not regress becomes more of a struggle for Chuck in upcoming episodes.

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TVLINE | The season started off light and fun with the gang in L.A., and it’s gotten darker as it’s gone on. Is that going to continue?
It will definitely lighten up again, but it was a conscious choice to take it darker. Going from the summeryness of L.A. to the winteryness of New York was very much a conscious choice on our part. As we move back towards spring again, the show will get lighter as well. That is not to say though that there won’t be some shocking darkness around the corner.

TVLINE | What’s going on with Serena and Blair’s friendship, particularly in the 100th episode?
They are very, very much best friends, totally by each other’s sides. That episode is very much about their friendship, and Serena being Blair’s maid of honor. It’s got some of my favorite Serena and Blair moments of the season, if not ever. There’s a really, really cute scene with the two of them on the morning of the wedding, which I think is really going to make fans happy.

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TVLINE | The musical dream sequence from Episode 100 leaked. What’s going on with Serena that she has this sort of dream?
In years past, she’s jumped into relationships. As she’s gotten older and wiser, she thought she’s not necessarily jumping into them and then realizes afterward that she still has. This year, there’s very much a conscious choice on her part to be like, “You know what? I’m going to work on myself, and I’m not going to have a relationship.” And she has not had one all year. Because of that, because Serena so often and early on was always paired with somebody and shared her life with somebody… To actually have a life on her own, some anxiety and neurosis might slip in. She’s dealing with those and growing from them. If anything, the dream sequence maybe shows where she’s at a little bit.

TVLINE | There have been hints that she’s not over Dan. Is that a relationship that’s going to be highlighted in the second half of the season?
I wouldn’t say it’s going to be highlighted, but I definitely do think Episode 10 started Serena on a path to look at her past, especially as it concerns her relationships and what they’ve actually meant to her. That takes her into some surprising directions. Maybe there is a little bit, for her, of revisiting the past.

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TVLINE | Everyone seems to know Dan is hung up on Blair, except for Blair. Will she ever be clued in?
The question of whether or not she’s in denial and knows it or whether she truly doesn’t see it will be answered in upcoming episodes.

TVLINE | Could she ever see him in a romantic way?
I will leave that to Blair to answer. I don’t want to answer for her. One thing I will say though about the previous question is that when you said everyone seems to know it but Blair, I think some other people might be in denial about it as well.

TVLINE | Anyone in particular?
I wonder if Serena is fully aware.

TVLINE | Where is the Ivy story headed? And will, “Who’s the real Charlie?” be more of a focus?
The Ivy story is still continuing. She’s definitely between a rock and a hard place. It’s always tough when you have wanted people to believe your lie for so long that when you finally want out of it, they don’t believe you. It’s definitely a tricky place for her to be in. The story takes some surprising turns. As for the real Charlie, as of now, we do know that she is out there. Whether or not we’re going to meet her in the future, I can’t say.

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