Where Does Bachelor Ben Buy His Clothes? Why Won't Grey's Hug It Out? And More TV Questions!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we are going to throw at you, from shows including Revenge, Supernatural, Glee, Parks and Recreation and Castle!

1 | We know that Jeff’s carbon monoxide poisoning helped clear his head, but did he really uncover five seasons’ worth of Chuck secrets in one day?

2 | When Supernatural‘s Dean said last week, “I will frisk you,” was that supposed to be a threat? And how brilliant was the underrated Jensen Ackles in those last 30 seconds?

3 | And again we ask, how is Devon Sawa not yet a series regular on Nikita?

4 | Anyone else finding it strange to see “Jean-Ralphio” actually flush with cash on House of Lies?

5 | Woah! Is it just us or did Shameless‘ Ian Gallagher really grow up over one summer?

6 | There wasn’t very much debating at the Sheriff’s Election Debate on Once Upon a Time, was there? Speaking of the ABC series, no explanation of why Rumpelstiltskin’s face is gold?

7 | If ABC really plans to pair Cougar Town and Happy Endings for a night of edgy sitcoms, why not spin off  Desperate Housewives‘ Gaby and Carlos in The Solises — a fun companion to Modern Family for next fall?

8 | Does Glee‘s Quinn Fabray need a sister? Because Pan Am‘s Bridget looks a heck of a lot like her.

9 | Is there a Heterosexual International Male catalog? Because that appears to be the only explanation for Bachelor Ben’s parade of unfortunate clothing choices — including baby blue boat shoes, white cutoff jean shorts, orange-and-gray tanks.

10 | Were we the only ones who noticed “Crazy” Courtney’s complete and utter disinterest in making Bachelor Ben’s dog howl? She was practically eye-begging the camera guys to get her the heck outta there!

11 | When does a wedding episode not feature the actual wedding? (Shhh, Castle fans — no revealing the answer to this one!)

12 | It’s weird that so many Switched at Birth characters didn’t know Bay and Emmett were dating, right?

13 | Is anyone else out there comparing Parenthood‘s Mark to Luke Danes? And is Crosby seriously going to make beautiful music with the cello player? (Is there any girl he won’t go after?)

14 | When One Life to Live‘s John McBain shows up on General Hospital, can he ask Sam out “for a bite”? And if OLTL‘s John and Natalie just reconciled, how can he possibly relocate to Port Charles without her?

15 | The Glee seniors will be graduating but not leaving the show? Why do we have the feeling the Breadstix wait staff will be a lot more familiar-looking next fall?

16 | Does anyone by chance have video of Brittany S. Pierce watching One Tree Hill‘s final season premiere?

17 | As one of the few people who managed to score genuine laughs with his tepid People’s Choice Awards presenter shtick, Zachary Levi reminded us he’s one of TV’s funniest hotties. Can his agent run out and book him a multi-episode gig on New Girl or Happy Endings?

18 | Where do we sign up to get Modern Family‘s Phil Dunphy as our Realtor?

19 | Pardon our Miley Cyrus moment, but… Is Revenge‘s Ashley the absolute least convincing BFF ever? Why does Em give her any time of day? And for an arsonist, isn’t young Amanda Clarke allowed to be alone with matches a lot? And did anyone else find Nolan attempting to shoot a gun so funny that they rewound and rewatched that scene repeatedly? (No? Just us?) And when is ABC going to partner with Sharpie for a special “Emily’s Revenge” line of markers?

20 | Teddy really needed a hug on this week’s Grey’s Anatomy. Cristina couldn’t muster just one?

21 | We can’t decide who was crazier on this week’s Up All Night — Reagan or Missy?

22 | When is Pam coming back on The Office? We know she just had a baby, but c’mon!

23 | Who else watched 30 Rock thinking, “We love you Liz Lemon, but we love Community more”?

24 | Was the Parks and Recreation cast really tip-toeing on thin ice this week? And if so, did NBC have to raise the insurance premium on that episode? And while we’re talking about Pawnee awesomeness, when is Ben getting his own claymation cooking show? Master of calzones, right there.

25 | On this the occasion of the show’s 60th anniversary, we have to ask: Why does everyone from accomplished journalists to some of the show’s actual past and present anchors (coughKatieCouriccough) — insist on mangling the name of NBC’s Today? It’s not The Today Show. It’s not Today Show. It’s just Today.

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!