One Life to Live Series Finale Recap & Photos: The Rainbow's End

The following contains spoilers from the series finale of ABC’s One Life to Live.

Well that was different from a crazed J.R. chandler firing gunshots into a crowded room.

ABC’s One Life to Live — perhaps having learned a lesson from how its sister soap, All My Children, frustratingly sewed things up (having done so under the impression that life would go on online) — zagged where that show zigged and served up a bevy of heartwarming moments capped by, yes, one cliffhanger reveal, but nothing nearly as random as what went down in Pine Valley.

One of the biggest crowd-pleasers concerned the true, absolute and undeniable paternity of Jessica, who in recent years had been retconned as born of Mitch’s seed. Well, the retcon got retconned as Clint and Viki opened up new DNA test results that proved Jess is a blue-blooded Buke, tried-and-true. That reveal, in and of itself swelling with emotion, was only amplified by knock-out performances by Erika Slezak, Jerry ver Dorn, Bree Williamson and Melissa Archer, each of them undoubtedly assisted by streaming tears that were real.

As a kicker to that — not that it needed one — a reflective Clint got down on bended knee and proposed anew to Viki, with both Slezak and ver Dorn visibly moved by the moment as actors as much as characters.

Similar real-life waterworks were on joyous display when Bo and Nora, in the wake of Destiny giving birth to her and Matthew’s son, aptly and wonderfully named “Drew,” reaffirming their love for each other. One “I love you, Red” was all it took to cue up the VCR in our heads, which somewhat made up for a lack of on-screen flashbacks.

Elsewhere during the too-short hour: Brody stopped by to see Jessica, proving himself to be well and perhaps on his way back into the armed forces, and Cole showed up as Starr’s “bodyguard,” in part to report that his father, Patrick, was alive.

But such kiddie stuff took a big back seat to the Buchanans’ story, as well as the sort of scenes that Todd and Blair fans have waited far, far, far too long for. Together and alone at last, though not without a couple starts-and-stops, Todd eventually let himself fall into Blair’s arms, and they made (off-screen) love. As small comfort for TnBers, there was a prolonged afterglow moment complete with Roger Howarth shirtlessness (though those moments are conspicuously if not surprisingly missing from the ABC photos shared below).

Lest things end on too euphoric a note (did someone say “encore”?), John and the LPD came busting in on the lovers, to arrest Todd for the murder of Victor Lord Jr. However….

The finale closed with the hour’s narrator, Allison Perkins, throwing her script at the bound-and-gagged familiar face she had been reciting her “One Life to Live” tale to: Victor Lord Jr. himself, very much alive.

I may have missed a few notes; TVLine’s Meg Masters will be here later to fill any blanks. But for now, tell us what you thought of the finale. And how do you think Todd, Blair, John and Starr will migrate to General Hospital‘s Port Charles?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kathy says:

    I preferred All My Children’s cliffhanger. Plus, AMC’s finale had more heart.

    • Snapy says:

      Ah yes. How lovely to end a show’s 41-year run with a violent shooting. Brilliant.

      • jake says:

        Yes, but that was all done to generate interest in the online version — otherwise they would have sewn things up. I wouldn’t put it past ABC to generate some false pretense that the shows would continue to muffle some of the viewer outcry of it’s cancellation and I truly believed that one life to live would be spared because of it’s ratings increases in the past few months.

      • suzette says:

        will melissa archer be going to general hospital ?

        • Ashleigh says:

          I Love Nash Brenana Jarde Push Nash Thuorh a Skylight
          I Was Cry So Hard I Watch Nash Video is One life to live
          Let’s Makes Me Cry So Hard

          • OLTLonGH says:

            At the end of OLTL Nash should if walked thru the door and into Jessika arms and Todds brother should of been found not just in captive and Todd accused of killing him…and besides the characters you brought to GH BTW why did they all get name and character changes but more of OLTL should of gone onto GH and stayed…..bring in people we know not unknown ones I too am 58 and the only cast change I loved on OLTL was Jessika’s…The new one was absolutely the greatest actress to take the place of one I free up with..make GH join up with OLTL make it one big best soap ever…2014…still miss OLTL :-(

    • Tess says:

      They were both different but fitting for the shows they were.

      I liked the AMC finale (upt till the shooting merely because we will never know who was shot)though I do wish that when it was taped and aired we didn’t still have the hope of going online so they could’ve more properly wrapped it by giving us that alternate version that supposedly ventures into the futures of the residents of Pine Valley. The week leading up to the AMC finale was great too because it paid tribute to the histories of the different families on the show and brought back a lot of characters that were sorely missed.

      The OLTL finale was good (though the acting and writing made me appreciate AMC’s players and writers all the more)in the sense that they had a smaller loose end than AMC left us with. I did like the big reveal at the end being Victor Jr. because I think it would be him in the bed, but most of the rest of the show I felt was a little predictable for me even though I haven’t watched in a long time.

      • Snapy says:

        Skye could always re-appear on GH and reveal her brother JR shot himself (that’s my theory on the victim, anyway).

        • Linda says:

          I wish the AMC writers could get together and write a book which would conclude their stories the way they would have if they hadn’t been given the false impression that they were going to continue online. I would buy it.

          • M says:

            or a television movie would be nice too, then we get one more chance to see the characters we love so much!

        • Tricia says:

          Hi, Snappy

          You are brilliant! That would be perfect. Good call.

  2. Amy says:

    I thought the combination of Thursday and Fridays show was a perfect ending under the circumstances (assuming that the PP show was a done deal). RIP Llanview. I will always love you.

  3. TV Gord says:

    This finale hit ALL the right notes for me, but I have to digress, because this may be the last day that I comment on anything soap related (and I go back to The Edge of Night), but I am most impressed by the grammar in this article. Yes, I’m a Big Bang Theory-type nerd when it comes to grammar.

    Matt, I have to cite this section:

    “Similar real-life waterworks were on joyous display when Bo and Nora, in the wake of Destiny giving birth to her and Matthew’s son, aptly and wonderfully named “Drew,” reaffirming their love for each other.”

    “Her and Matthew’s son” may not ‘sound’ right, but it is, and then “their love for EACH OTHER” instead of “one another”, which the soap press loves (inexplicably) to use is also the correct usage. As I bid farewell to the soap world of blogdom, I will always remember that Matt Webb Mitovich ushered me out of this major part of my life with the proper usage of the language. Call me a nerd, but I thank you for that, Matt. You (and our mutual friend, Bruce Fretts, are sadly a dying breed of literate entertainment reporters, and I wanted to take this moment to thank you for that.

    I am now watching the west coast feed of OLTL, because I need to drill it into my head that this is the end of an era for me…and for many of us. All in all, I’m satisfied with the way the show ended. Even though I watched AMC longer, my closer attachment has been with OLTL (since Skye passed through town on her way to Port Charles), and I’m going to miss this show most of all!

  4. Jess says:

    I loved the ending. Although I am now done with ABC. I refuse to watch this new crap. The Chew sucks and The Revolution is just a ridiculous idea. ABC HAS RUINED DAY TIME TV FOR ME. This is the daily line up. GMA, Kelly, The View, The Doctors, The Chew, The Revolution, General Hospital, Dr Phil then the news. Sounds pretty bad to me. Good luck with that crap :)

    • cheri says:

      I will not watch ABC any more. The two that replaced All my Children and One Life to Live are dumb.

    • Tammy says:

      I COMPLETELY AGREE, I loved the ending, but now I am stuck wanting more, and can’t have more. I have been a VERY LONG TIME FAITHFUL watcher of ONE LIFE TO LIVE, and I am SO UPSET that they cancelled it. I WILL NOT watch ABC anymore either. SOMEONE PLEASE.. start up a new channel, adopt ABC or kick off the reality / food / talk shows, and PLEASE put OLTL and AMC BACK ON THE AIR !!!

      • Connie Jackson says:

        Put both ALL MY CHILDREN AND ONE LIFT TO LIVE back on PLEASE! I think it’s the worst thing you could have done for ABC TV.I’ve watched ABC soaps all of my life. My mother watched them so I’ve watched them since I was a little girl. Over the years when I worked days I taped them until soapnet came on. Then I watched them at night or on the weekend. These people became like part of your family after watching them so long. I’m 58 so I’ve watched them ever since they came to ABC. I don’t believe people will rush home to watch your new shows or set the DVR to record them. You just won’t get the long years of devoted followers as you did with these soaps.I say it was a very sad day for many of us followers and most of all,a sad for ABC. I’m sure you’ll be aware of this by your ratings soon if not already. A sad devoted ABC SOAP FAN,Connie Jackson :(

        • Mary says:

          I agree 100%!! I have been watching OLTL since Vicki was married to Joe Riley the first time. I still have not gotten over Nash Brennan’s death!!!! Bring it back, let Jess and Nash be happy!!

        • Pat Deerin says:

          It is now 8 months since the last oltl aired. I began to watch General Hospital but it does not have the heart , soul and humor of oltl. I thank the writers for referencing Viki, Natalie and Clint in the dialogue. It is a beautiful way to pay tribute to those who shared our lives for 30 plus years .

          Like many, I avoid ABC other than GH. When hey canceled AMC and oltl hey took away something from millions of Americans. When a show runs for 40 years it is bigger than a sitcom that had 20 episodes. It was a shameful, sad act.

          Still greiving in NY….pd

  5. Amanda says:

    I can’t express my feelings over the loss of this show! However, I hate ABC even more for running an ad for The Revolution over the very final credits of OLTL. There should have been a montage type ending!!

  6. Snapy says:

    “Cole showed up as Starr’s “bodyguard,” in part to report that his father, Patrick, was alive.”

    We already found out Patrick was alive way back in June.

  7. Snapy says:

    I am glad Todd’s last moment on OLTL was getting arrested for a “murder” he didn’t commit. Serves the rapist right.

    • mary says:

      Bite me! He gets to go to General Hospital, bet none of your favorites do! ;P

      • Snapy says:

        Mary, I bet you watch clips of Todd and Marty at the Spring Fling and get off to it, don’t ya.

        • Captain says:

          I’m not going to defend anything Todd has done because he is clearly one of the show’s villains, but I do like him and I’m glad he’s going to General Hospital. I just wish Bree Williamson could come too.

      • gary says:

        The Mannings will only be on Gh for a few weeks I hear. I think its a dishonor of their characters and OLTL to have their worlds revolve around the Sunny show. I hope Todd at least shoots Sunny and makes him look like the wannabe gangster boy he is, then shotts everyone but sky and opens up a slot for oltl to show up. Anyways, just talking as a grieving fan. Its strongly rumored that Gh is scheduled to be canceled next april too. The only one protecting it was brian frons who was golf buddies with some of the crew. Abcs been so pathetic, i can see them replacing Gh with a show called “The Brew”.
        I say we all get a group lawsuit and sue abc for lying about prospect park. They don’t exist, nor ever avertised other shows as well. I will continue to monitor the net to see if this website ever shows up with some kind of tv show, but i doubt it was ever real. They do not exist.

  8. meliss says:

    why didnt destinh have a baby girl one life to live only starr had a girl natelie and jessica have boys victor alive alliosn have him tied him how did he end up there, what happpen to clint end his crimes no mniosn back for him mattthew kille eddie ford why was truth relived big disppttomed ending what happent to cutter kim show what happen to patals why jack and shane make piece, becme friends, ending disapotened,or atleast shake hands with one another jack and shane.

  9. melica says:

    one life to live destiny shoould of have a baby gir, dispotend to the fans,

  10. melicss says:

    to whom this maybe conern destiny should of have a baby girl disapotined to the fans one life to live, had the baby in the hostipal no the buancan manion,one life to live ending disapotined

  11. Kristy says:

    The entire last two weeks of One Life to Live were truly amazing. Reuniting star crossed lovers (Viki and Clint, John and Natalie), defeating old villains (Mitch Lawrence), highlighting the familial bonds which have always been the heart of the show. Fitting the show should end with the birth of Asa Buchanan’s last great-grandchild (in his living room of all places!). A true injustice that the show will not continue as planned.

    I have mixed feelings about the migrating characters. I hope whatever storyline they step into it does justice to the individual character arcs and I hope they don’t completely take over as that would not be fair to General Hospital fans.

  12. Joe says:

    What a horrible fake Clint.

  13. Rene says:

    I am waiting to watch the glorious end of this landmark soap. Pleased to read some of the characters from OLTL will live on at GH. Hope they don’t cancel that one, but I’m fearful they will. I hate ABC for what they are doing to daytime TV and I won’t watch anything besides GH and only for the obvious reasons. I had hoped all along they could keep the soaps, but maybe just reduce the time to 30 minutes. This still could happen!

    • TV Gord says:

      If the shows became 30 minutes, they’d be bringing in half the money from advertising, so they would still be losing money. It makes no sense from a business point of view.

  14. Melanie says:

    To put simply by a long time viewer of one life to live and all my children, OLTL’s finale was perfect.

  15. Benita mccadney says:

    It was a bitter sweet ending to a very beloved soap we all watched over the yrs hope to continue seeing the land view families soon

  16. Jessica says:

    I liked the finale until they showed victor lord jr. because that made me even more mad that the show is ending
    It makes no sense to leave with a cliff hanger if the show is cancelled forever, ABC shouldn’t leave us with questions that they will never answer

    • Sim says:

      I totally agree with you, regarding the ending cliffhanger.
      Why have a cliffhanger to end the show’s finale?
      I wish they would have had the actors say real goodbyes to the viewers.
      I’ve watched One Life to Live from the very first show, and have great respect for the actors that have brought wonderful stories to life.
      I don’t know what ABC is thinking. They will never have a show last as long as One Life to Live.

      • MelindaB says:

        I started watching OLTL in the 90s, and while I’d given up soaps several years ago, I did watch the last half of today’s episode. I didn’t understand all that was going on or know who everyone was, but I knew enough. It was fun to see Jerry VerDoorn, the erstwhile Ross Marler from the late, lamented Guiding Light. I agree that it would have been nice to see some kind of nod to the show’s history and an acknowledgment of the fans. It’s very sad to see what looks like the end of an era.

      • TV Gord says:

        Some of the stars got to say goodbye on today’s special OLTL tribute edition of The View.

      • Andy says:

        The cliffhanger in the finale was due to the plan (at the time) to transition OLTL online via the Prospect Park deal.

        The finale was taped in mid-November, and written before that. The Prospect Park deal was cancelled several days after taping the finale, and there was no time/budget to retape the finale to remove these cliffhangers.

    • Christine says:

      I sooooooooooo agree that killed me!!! I love me some Victor Lord Jr.

    • Sheila says:

      How could Victor Lord Jr. still be alive? It doesn’t make any sense.

      • gary says:

        Being that its a soap, i speculate todd and victor were triplets. I was waiting for the day Margaret Cochran would actualy be alive somehow and rekidnap Victor Jr. Maybe Allison intervened on margarert’s plans before she had time to kidnap sam as well. maybe Margaret and Allison our sisters?

  17. Jefferson Vickers says:

    After my brain tumor I lost time (and still do), but I could sit down with my DVD of an old episode and remember and more important feel the memories I was living at that time of that episode. I feel very blessed to have had a trigger in my life for so many years that otherwise could have been lost forever, what sometimes was a fog can be clear just closing my eyes and listening to an episodes monologue. This show was not just a show, it was a path to memories from the past, it is my salvation… This has been a truly hard week watching this all come to a close.

    ABC brilliance throwing out this for a cooking show folioed by a weight loss show is laughable. Good Bye ABC

    • David says:

      Well said Jefferson. This show was always in the background growing up. I can remember the days I would get to stay home from school and could sit down and enjoy the program with my mom. It brings back such happy times watching it. I will miss it for the part it played in my childhood and connecting memories to a happier time…Somehow One Life to Live, may you live…

  18. mary says:

    Hey , kids! Todd, Blair, Starr and John are all headed to Port Charles and will be on General Hospital before the end of the month!!!! Good News, No?

    • Jill says:

      I think it is, but I completely understand why others don’t. It will all eventually depend upon how they blend them into GH, and is it short-term, and a long as they’re not shoved down anyone’s throats all the time, as that will truly upset the only-GH fans. So, there’s a lot dependent upon the writing and story-telling ….

    • gary says:

      Its just for a few weeks. Last time John was in port charles he sprouted fangs. Thats how i feel about this.

  19. vlcs says:

    Is it Melissa? Please stop watching Soaps and instead, take an English class or basic spelling/grammar class. Also, just post once!

  20. Paula says:

    Yes it’s the end of an era and I,too, go back to “the Edge of Night.” Enough already of the cooking and lifestyle shows. Rachael Ray, Hoda and Kathy and Ravhael Ray are it for me. And of course the “Today” show. Prediction: soaps will see a resurgence -/ eventually.

    • Jenna says:

      I feel the same way, Paula.

      Everything old is new again. Once all the reality shows and talk shows have run their course, soaps will come back in some capacity. They will be the greatest thing since sliced bread once again.

      Besides, don’t they still have the Latin soaps called “telenovas?”

  21. Susan says:

    I didn’t care for All My Children’s ending scene. JR didn’t have to point the gun into a crowded room. He could of tripped or bumped into something and the gun could of just gone off and everyone in the crowded could have turned and looked in the direction of the gunfire. It still would of been a cliffhanger but it would of left us feeling satisfied that everyone (except JR) was safe. That would of been nice and if the online AMC went on as planned at that time, what happened to JR could of been revealed. And if the online AMC never happened, that would of been okay too. Left wondering forever if JR is dead or alive (sound familiar?) is a lot better than wondering forever who was shot in the finale of AMC, right? Especially after such a wonderful parting scene between Susan and Walt!!!

    One Life to Live’s finale was almost perfect. John did not have to show up to arrest Todd. Todd and Blair should of just stayed in bed with their eyes closed and smiles on their faces. The show should of ended with Vicki and Clint holding hands at the front door of Llanfair, declaring their love for one another once more and Vicki closing the door saying “Goodnight Llanview”

    The perfect ending. We all smile and feel satisfied. No cliffhangers needed.

  22. Gigi Fan says:

    Beautiful!!! I like your finale much better than what they left us with.

  23. Cy says:

    But at the time the finale was written and performed, the online venture was still happening. I was unsure about that succeeding, but after today’s episode I truly wish it would have worked out. I’ve been watching since ’78 and I will miss it more than I can say. It’s always been in the background of my life, through high school, college, career and finally through my stay at home mom years. Thanks for everything, Llanview. And thanks for nothing, ABC!

  24. Jessica says:

    I’m not happy with the series finale. Yes, some things were good. Natalie & John getting back together. Clint & Viki. Jessica being Clint’s daughter, not Mitch’s. BUT, there were other things that were horrible. Jessica NEVER gets a happy ending. Nash died. Brody switched sisters. Ford died. Congratulations, she’s Clint’s biological daughter. But they treated her that way anyway! When I found out the series was coming to an end, I thought, “Great! Jessica can finally get her happy ending!” Guess I was wrong! Plus, Blair & Todd get their happy ending…all 30 seconds of it. I did not believe that Todd had killed Victor. But I don’t like the series ending with Blair getting disappointed again. I’m glad Victor is alive, even though I won’t get to see anything of how this end…though I hope that they will wrap up that storyline on GH, since Blair & Todd are swapping over. That would be nice to kind of know what happens. I also agree with the person who said AMC’s finale had more heart. It definitely did.

    I knew this was going to happen with the Prospect Park deal was announced. I knew that both shows would botch their series finales because they were expecting to pickup online, and that it would end up not working out, and then the fans would get screwed. And that’s exactly what happened! Oh well! The fans lose out again.

  25. JAmandaFan says:

    The finale (and Thursday’s show leading up to it) were AMAZING! Viki’s speech about soap operas on Thursday’s show had me in tears and the cliffhanger ending of Victor Lord Jr being alive and well–had me applauding! What a great and amazing end to the best written soap on TV. It left me wanting more…and after being on the air for 43 years that is a pretty amazing accomplishment! I can’t wait to see what Frank and Ron do with GH! (Bring back Lucy Coe and the nurses ball!)

  26. Trina says:

    I thought it sucked. Allison Perkins was an awful narrator–they should have used Viki or another beloved, longtime character. Too much of the hour felt like an ordinary episode instead of a special finale. There were a few good moments (Jessica finding out the truth, Clint and Viki, Bo and Nora), but for the most part, the episode was boring filler. I am so disappointed. I thought the AMC finale was bad, but this one was truly terrible.

  27. Michael says:

    I started watching the show on and off almost right after Megan died and the whole Billy Douglas story started.

    I thought the entire last 2 weeks were well written, but where the hell was Renee? I also thought that Bo would move his family back into Asa’s once Rex left when he made the comment about the empty house while looking at the picture of Asa on the mantle.

    I knew that the Prospect Park deal would fall apart. What’s interesting is that there was an interview with Erika Slezak recently where she was asked if anything was re-shot since the PP deal fell apart. Her answer was that there was the possibility that one scene was re-shot, but that all of the sets were in storage.

    BTW – there were 2 really poignant breaks of the 4th wall this week. The first was in Monday’s episode when Cole asked where he was and Luna’s response was, “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell.” Between Heaven and Hell was the original name for the show almost up until its premiere. The other was during Viki’s Fraterity Row voice over on Thursday when she talks abut recasting of characters and they zoom in on Blair and the growing up of characters in front of them and they zoom in on Starr.

    So long Llandview, you will be missed!

    • gary says:

      When they mentioned the house being empty, Nora who was originaly willed the house by Asa when he died, looked at Mathew and Destiny. If to say it was mathew, destiny, and baby drew’s house now.

  28. Natalie says:

    The only thing wrong with this was so much focus on the Delgado’s hate Tomas ugh

  29. Genie says:

    I have been watching for over 40 years and I thought the finale and the build-up in the weeks leading to the finale hit the right note.
    Whether they new the show would continue or not, loved the whole thing and cried through most of it. I have lived all but 4 years of my life with this show running if only in the backround when I was a child (and I would have preferred to watch cartoons but my mom had to watch the soaps). I will miss it.

  30. Ms. G says:

    This new crap The Chew and The revolution will not last, these shows are temporary .

  31. Annette Weidenfeld says:

    I am so dissapointed that One Life to Live is gone and All my Children, I have been watching them since the beggining and was looking forward to relaxing with my favourite and only shows during the day, it makes my heart sad ,and my day empty now I have nothing to look forward to when I come home, I always taped each episode when I was not home. You have made a big mistake.

  32. Darlene says:

    Could possibly the show OLTL, find its way back? Possibly another PP is out there somewhere looking to start up on line. The interest in our show is certainly apparent. I believe fans are willing to pay to see them return if that is the only choice. Let’s hear it for one more run.

  33. Captain says:

    I thought it was the perfect ending and the final twist just made it even more perfect.

  34. Susan Motley says:

    In my personal opinion, the show, knowing it was ending, kept dragging storylines out too long. The writers spent too much time on iki’s and Jessica’s DID. I know the fans loved it, but I had a friend that didn’t resist help in getting it for her DID.
    I was elated that the writers penned Jessica to be a Buchanon after all. Allison Perkins was much more diabolical than Mitch. She manipulated everyone included Mitch. I think that Irene was a part of “Mitch’s” cult.
    Bravo to OLTL for its storylines and writing. It was far better than AMC and GH.

  35. leo says:

    Victor was always my “Todd” and it made it all worth while to see him alive at the end of the show.

  36. Mmc says:

    Wow. You guys are vicious! I though these comments were supposes to be all about the show!! Lol. I wish there was a creative way to combine some of the AMC and OLTL cast with GENERAL HOSPITAL.

  37. nancy says:

    I was disappointed that Tomas and Blair were not reunited. Blair was conned by Todd once again! He doesn’t deserve happiness after what he’s done to Tomas and Tea!! I liked Matthew finally stepping up to the plate and being there for Destiny and their child—about time he stopped acting like a spoiled rich kid and be responsible!!
    What I really am confused about was how Allison Perkins ended up with a tied and bound Victor—also why she was narrating the storyline. Didn’t she escape from the prison during the big blackout and prison breakout and then terrorize Viki and Clint?
    Anyone have thoughts on the Allison angle??

  38. Sally R. says:

    I cant believe that Victor was still alive!! I was like…OMG!!! OLTL Please come back! I was so sad and still will be for a long time. I dont understand how there’s not enough money for these actors when all the other stars make so MUCH $$$$. And YES, the Chew and all those other stuped shows really SUCK!! Who cares about the food those people make….UGH…TORTURE!!!!

  39. Lydia Schermety says:


  40. Annie says:

    I am glad they showed Victor alive because i never thought he was dead to being with, and it makes sense that it was Allision that walked in his house instead of Todd. The way Victor said his last words didnt click with me, why would he say it the way he did if it was Todd. Anyway i thought the ending was ok, but it could have been better. I personally think Viki and Clint should have gotten engaged a few days earlier and the final show should have been their wedding day and right before they say “i do”, Victor would interput looking for Tea.

  41. Rocco's Mom says:

    Thursday’s episode made me cry, cry, cry. I loved how they said what they wanted to say to us, the loyal fans, by playing off the Fraternity Row storyline. I adore Trevor St. John and was SO glad to see him back on Friday. Whether the story continues in some way or another or not, I’m glad to know that Victor is alive and well, and I will imagine he and Tea beating the odds and raising their little one together. My favorite couple. All of the other storylines were tied up nicely but open-ended enough that it could continue. Here’s hoping! I’ll always have family in Llanview <3

  42. nancy says:

    I think the writers of OLTL were the best soap writers ever. They wrote such meaningful stories, and added humor and sophistication, too. The characters were fantastic, and some made my day with their funny deliveries, like Roxie (the SOS storyline was fantastic), John with Roxie, David, Cutter, Vimal, Todd, Rex and Victor. I sometimes had no idea how they could keep a straight face.

    I love how they brought back past characters, although I would have loved it if Eli made an appearance. I feel that the writers took care of the viewers, and gave them what they wanted, for the most part. I love how Victor is alive. That made my day, but I can’t figure out how that could be whatsoever, so I would love for that to be explained.

    I will also boycott ABC as I feel that is the way we can speak, by hurting ABC financially. Who knows if anything might come of that, but we can hope. Thank you everyone involved with OLTL. You never let me down.

  43. Cheryl says:

    I agree! Information overload. Too many shows offering the same crap. The Chew it sucks and is super cheesy and I saw the Revolution once, BORING!

  44. agent scully says:

    Why,oh why, did victor lord Jr have to turn up alive? It was so much better to see Todd’s emotional rollercoaster and coming to peace with himself. Now it’s just another tired out plotline that you know how will run and end.

  45. Amber says:

    I had this saved to my DVR for a long time before I could watch it, and I finally did this weekend. I just couldn’t bear the thought I would be watching my last One Live to Live.

    I graded the finale as a “C” as I was half happy, half upset over how they ended things. They made me really happy a couple of months back when they reunited Cord and Tina, as they were the reason I originally started watching the show in the 80s when I was a pre-teen. And Cord is the reason I have a thing for cowboys now, I suspect. So extra bonus points to OLTL for that. And reuniting Clint and Vicki was also very good, as well as John and Natalie. I loved seeing a lot of the old faces like Luna and Megan and even that sourpuss Gabrielle. The prison break storyline to bring back all the old villains was okay as far as storylines go. It added some excitement to the final week. It wasn’t great to me, but that’s mostly related to Robert’s death, which I will talk about in a minute.

    What I was not happy with was Alison Perkins narrating the finale episode. Her character is so snarky. It took a lot of the heart out of the episode. And I hated the cliffhangers, though I understand what they were thinking when the did it because of Prospect Park, blah blah. I don’t blame them for having cliffhangers, but I didn’t think the episode had anymore closure than AMC did when it ended.

    As far as the whole thing with Jessica being Clint’s actual daughter, I felt kind of “eh” about it. The whole thing seemed nonsensical and out of the blue, but then again, I guess most soap story lines are nonsensical, so I can forgive it.

    There were a few actors I would have liked to have seen near the end, even if it was just a cameo playing another character, like it would have been cool to see the original Clint, and Max, and Nash, and Kelly and Nathan Fillion playing Joey Buchanan, and why wasn’t Joe Riley there to meet Vicki in heaven? If she was trying to decide if she should go or stay, seeing Joe in heaven would have been a great temptation to stay there. I also would have liked for them to have named the new baby Asa over Drew. I don’t even remember who Drew was, I don’t think I was watching when he was on. Asa was a staple on that show in his time, the baby should have been named after him, even if it was a predictable move.

    Two things about how the show ended that I am extremely upset about. No. 1–what they did to the Ford brothers. I LOVED the Ford brothers with their washboard abs and their charm with the ladies, and I thought the characters were pretty well written to boot. Both Robert and James were really good redemption stories. Killing off Robert, uggghhhh!!! How dare you, OLTL. And to be killing him off just so Jessica could have a hint of a future with Brody, whaaaattt? I was not a fan of that. If they had to kill off Robert to put her with an old flame, it would have been better to bring back Nash for that. I stopped enjoying Brody’s character the second he gave up on Jessica after she went crazy. And that whole storyline with Robert being in the afterlife and wanting a second chance at life, but that chance being given to Cole instead? I couldn’t stand that. Which brings me to the show breaking up Starr and James so that Starr could have a hint of a future with Cole. I never liked Cole. And the fact that they brought back the character with another actor was kind of stupid. I’m not sure why they bothered if they couldn’t get the original actor. I hated that Starr broke James’s heart, especially in the wake of his brother’s death. It made me dislike Starr a lot.

    No. 2–What I am most angriest about with the direction of the show in the final days is what they did to Todd. As much as I liked Trevor St. John, Roger Howarth will always be Todd to me. That guy is a great actor, and the character is so intense, yet can be so sarcastic and hilarious at times that it makes him so much fun to watch. Couple that with his fierce loyalty to his family and he actually becomes a lovable character, and he is another great redemption story. Todd has always been one of my favorite characters on OLTL, as I do love a complicated, deeply flawed character. I am really into those Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Dexter type shows. But what they did to Todd in the last few months crossed a line for me. It was not enjoyable and I felt like they were trying to make the audience hate him. And not just a “love to hate” kind of thing, but really honestly hate him. I am curious to know what they were going to do with the Who Killed Victor storyline before the show got put through the cancellation/Prospect Park roller coaster, because what they did with it did not make sense to me at all. I really believed Todd would not kill Victor when he said he wouldn’t have done that to his kids. It seemed out of character for him to do something like that, especially after he seemed to return to the show as a softer, kinder man. It was also strange he has this random memory of killing Victor after believing he didn’t do it, and it’s strange he even had this memory when Victor wasn’t really dead. I hated the whole storyline, and it sadly ruined the Todd/Blair reunion for me that I had been waiting nearly a year for since his return to the show was announced last March.

    That is my rant. On second thought, I think I give this finale a D.