Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick Discusses Chuck's 'Obsession' With Blair and His Likely 'Tragic' Fate

When The CW’s Gossip Girl returns this Monday at 8/7c, Chuck and Blair’s happy reunion will be put on hold. So, what happened after the pair seemingly sealed their future together in the fall finale? Will it drive Chuck back to his old ways? And should he be worried about Blair’s new confidant, Dan? TVLine went to Ed Westwick for the answers to those questions and others!

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TVLINE | Obviously Chuck’s not dead. But is he carrying any sort of emotional or physical scars from what happened?
I think so. I don’t see how you can’t after anything as traumatic as that. Not just that – the amount the guy’s been through [over] the course of the show has just been devastating. You hear stories sometimes on TV shows and these people are giving accounts of their lives and all the travesties that they’ve encountered, troubles they’ve encountered. I think Chuck is one of those characters. If it was real life, he could write a book. There’s going to be some emotional and some physical wounds, I’m sure. The emotional are probably going to be a lot more [heavy] than the physical.

TVLINE | Is this a catalyst for him? He’s already had a lot of change this season, but could there be even more?
When [the show] picks up, he wants to be with Blair, and he’s pursuing Blair. That’s his obsession, his goal. It’s the only thing that’s keeping him [going]. I think he attaches himself to the idea of her so much, the idea of them so much, that it becomes unhealthy. So it’s going to be interesting.

TVLINE | In the mid-season finale, Blair and Chuck reunited, but we know that the 100th episode is the big wedding to Louis. What happened?
All will be revealed, but yeah, the wedding is going to take place. What happens [that day], I can’t say, but it’s going to be an amazing spectacle. Leighton [Meester] looks fantastic in the wedding dress.

TVLINE | Did something just change for her, but not for Chuck?
I don’t think things changed; I think some things got in the way for her.

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TVLINE | There’s a picture of Chuck and Georgina from the 100th episode. Is there some fun storyline with the two of you?
There is. There’s a fun storyline…. She’s doing what Georgina does best, and she’s effing stuff up for everybody.

TVLINE | Are you allowed to say whether Chuck’s invited to this wedding?
Oh, yes, I’m invited.

TVLINE | One of the interesting things that took me by surprise was Chuck and Dan’s friendship.
That was definitely surprising for me. It was a reluctant friendship. That’s been interesting to explore. It’s demonstrated the heart of Dan, at the base, what Dan is. He’s a good, honest guy who recognizes when someone’s just a trainwreck, which Chuck has always been. So it’s been good, and it’s been interesting to work with Penn [Badgley] because I’ve rarely worked with him for like four years, and me and Penn are great friends. So it’s been good working with him, as well.

TVLINE | Chuck seems pretty cool about Dan’s feelings for Blair. Do you think that’s an accurate description?
Yeah, I don’t think he sees him as a threat. But I think that’s very naïve, which is strange for Chuck because he’s been through so much. You would have thought he’d be a better judge of character, but unfortunately in this show, people don’t seem to learn much. [Laughs]

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TVLINE | Jack Bass is coming back. What does this mean for Chuck and his family drama?
I don’t know, because we haven’t got the scripts, but I love working with Desmond [Harrington]. He brings such a great edge. He’s perfect in that role. The stuff between Chuck and Jack is perfect because it’s like “the evil twin”. So again, it’s going to be something which I’m very excited to get started on. I’m looking forward to going off on a different angle. This Blair thing’s been so much, and it’s established – he wants her back.

TVLINE | It seems like Jack and Diana might be in cohoots, so I want to float a theory by you: Diana is related to Chuck in some way.
A lot of people are floating that theory, and it’s an understandable one — but who knows?

TVLINE | Is there a specific ending that you would like to see for Chuck?
I’ve racked my brain about it a million times. I have this vision of him and Blair getting together.  He’s on his way to marry her or meet her and, all of a sudden, he gets killed in a car crash or something like that. [Laughs]

TVLINE | That’s tragic.
Or we were brainstorming this one idea earlier that he has to go on the run, wanted by Interpol. He becomes like Jason Bourne.

TVLINE | Those are both very dark endings.
He’s a tragic character. I don’t see any light ending for him. If he has a light ending, it won’t fit. It should be a tragic ending. Not necessarily tragic that he dies, but just… something. I think what we like about him is watching him fall apart.

TVLINE | Do you think he’s tragic romantically, as well?
Oh, absolutely. I think that’s on the wall. The whole Blair thing is tragic in every way. When you want to be with someone [and] you know you should be with them but [there’s] always external factors, that’s tragic.