Courteney Cox Previews Her Cougar Town [Spoiler]: 'I'm Going to Go All Boob-o-Rama'

For the first time since Monica and Chandler took the plunge on Friends more than a decade ago, Courteney Cox is preparing for another TV wedding.

As TVLine first reported, Cougar Town‘s Season 3 finale will find Cox’s Jules marrying Josh Hopkins’ Grayson after nearly a two-year courtship. The ceremony is slated to be shot in the coming days, and when TVLine caught up with Cox earlier this week, she was just hours away from beginning the arduous task of picking a gown.

“This is a big thing,” she acknowledged with a laugh. “There will be lots of photos of [me in this dress], so I need to get involved!”

Although she has yet to see the options the show’s wardrobe department has assembled, Cox expects her C-Town getup will be a touch more provocative than the classic number she wore during her 2001 Friends nups, not to mention her [1999] real-life union to David Arquette. “Jules is not 25,” Cox notes. “She likes to try and be as sexy as possible to [overcompensate] for the fact that she’s not that sexy of a girl.”

Bottom line: “I don’t want to wear a long-sleeved gown,” she insists. “That’s what I did in real-life. I’m going to go all boob-o-rama.”

A bigger question than what the bride will wear, however, is when will anyone get to see the damn thing? Cougar Town continues to warm ABC’s bench, although there have been rumblings the show will return sooner than later (perhaps as early as February).

“This is a make-or-break situation,” Cox concedes. “We have to get our fans back. We need everyone to promote the show and get out there.”