CSI: Miami's Adam Rodriguez Called on To Write/Direct Episode Covering a Delicate Subject

For his encore as a writer and director of a CSI: Miami episode, cast member Adam Rodriguez hasn’t been handed just any old run-and-gun case.

Rather, Rodriguez — who last season cut his teeth on both fronts with a footchase-filled, Most Dangerous Game-flavored episode — this time will tell a story about child molestation, “so we’re going to have to be very careful with the subject matter,” executive producer Marc Dube tells TVLine. “But if anybody can handle it, it’s Adam.”

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Dube acknowledges that “with all the Penn State stuff going on,” the delicate subject matter “is kind of a headline these days, but it’s a topic were going to try to tackle with our people.

“And because it is a sticky topic, if anybody can communicate that to the actors it’s Adam,” Dube continues. “He’s quite familiar with the process and how to get performances out of people, because it’s what he does [as an actor], so I think he’s a good person to pull it off.”

Rodriguez’s second writing/directing effort is tentatively set to air in March.

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