Unforgettable First Look: Carrie Pledges to Bring Down a Cocky Frat Boy

The death of a college student fires up red-headed “rememberer” Carrie Wells tonight on Unforgettable (CBS, 10/9c) — to the point that she pledges to spend “every waking moment” figuring out what a fraternity house elder (Suits‘ Tom Lipinski) had to do with the murder.

In the moments leading up to the clip below, Al’s team discovers that the victim’s missing laptop is in the possession of an Omega Rho pledge who was tasked by his brothers with trashing and stealing his classmate’s ‘puter. Was there something incriminating on the PC that landed the deceased in someone’s crosshairs?

Carrie had better crack this one quick, because a key twist in the episode finds her super-memory imperiled by someone who wants her to forget a major clue.

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