Exclusive: Community Pays Homage to Law & Order With Crime-Themed Episode

Get ready to despise Community‘s ongoing hiatus even more in three, two, one…

TVLine has learned exclusively that an upcoming episode of NBC’s currently benched sitcom will pay homage to late, great procedural Law & Order.

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The story behind “Basic Lupine Urology” is as zany as you’d expect from Community: The Greendale gang must channel their inner Lennie Briscoes when someone allegedly sabotages their science experiment — the yam they’re attempting to sprout is demolished! — and they decide to investigate the crime.

Once the Human Being in question is unearthed, Annie “Jack McCoy” Edison prosecutes the perp to the fullest extent of the law Greendale’s Code of Conduct, with Michael K. Williams’ Professor Kane acting as judge.

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And here’s the best part: Sources tell us the episode will feature the crime drama’s signature “dun-dun” sound effect!

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