Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Bones, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, House, Revenge and More!

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Question: Will Booth and Brennan get married on Bones? —Iza
Ausiello: Yes, but not anytime soon. “I can’t see a wedding happening this season,” says executive producer Stephen Nathan. “At some point I think there has to be [one]. But there are going to be so many problems they’ll have to deal with before that, like how their work is affected by this baby — and it’s going to be affected a lot.” (BTW, Nathan would neither confirm nor deny rumors that Brennan gives birth in a stable.)

Question: Any squintern-related Bones scoop? —Dave
Ausiello: New (unconventional) triangle alert! Finn will start dating Cam’s daughter, Michelle. “That’s going to be a terrific arc,” Nathan tells me. “It starts in Episode 8, which will air in the fall of 2041.” It’s funny because it’s true.

Question: Any Good Wife scoopage? Last week’s episode was so good. —Rose
Ausiello: I hear this Sunday’s episode with guest star Jason Biggs is even better, although you may want to brush up on this before you watch.

Question: Hey, Ausiello. Madison here. I just got turned one to The Good Wife by my sister, and I have been absolutely obsessed! I guess you could say I have a serious case of the Good Wife munchies. So If you could divulge any scoop I’d appreciate it. —Maddy
Ausiello: First off Maddy, you scare me a lot little. Second, here’s a pretty major scoop for you: Will’s sisters are coming to town later this season! Audra, the younger one (think mid 30s) is described as a free-spirited rebel who just wants to have fun, while Sara (who’s closer to Will’s age) is a Type A control freak hell bent on fixing her brother’s mess of a life. The latter’s first order of business? Finding him a (preferably unmarried) girlfriend. Both roles are currently being cast, so hit the comments with your suggestions.

Question: So, what is next for Owen and Cristina on Grey’s Anatomy? Their obvious differences over the abortion plus this latest crisis would surely have some effect on their marriage. What can you tell us, O Wise One? —Cinders
Ausiello: This probably won’t come as much of a shock given the fact that Shonda Rhimes already told me their relationship is about to be blown “up to holy hell,” but Owen and Cristina will seek the help of a professional in the near future. But while Rhimes confirms that the duo will start seeing a shrink, she adds, “It’s not in the way anybody thinks. That’s all I’m going to say about that.” Anyone thinking what I’m thinking?

Question: Are we going to see again Derek and Amelia together in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy? —Vaggelis
Ausiello: Yep, in mid-February. Rhimes confirms that Derek’s sis will appear on Grey’s Anatomy for an episode. That same night, Derek and Lexie will pop into Private Practice. But don’t go throwing around the C-word. “It’s not going to be a crossover the way anyone thinks,” notes Rhimes. “Derek and Lexie are not going to Los Angeles for any reason. It’s more about a medical case.”

Question: Burning Q about Grey’s Anatomy’s alt-reality episode: Is it something that Meredith imagines? In other words, will she be able to take anything away from the experience? —Christy
Ausiello: Nope. Viewers will be the only ones taking this particular trip. “It’s not a journey that Meredith is aware of,” Rhimes explains. “The episode starts out as sort of a “What If?” question that’s asked in the voiceover. We just really wanted a chance to explore the ‘What If?’ of it all. And also, it illuminates what’s most important to our characters. There’s an unarticulated longing in that episode for the characters. The sense that something’s wrong and something’s lost, but they don’t quite know what it is because they’re not themselves.” THIS JUST IN: Rhimes confirmed late Tuesday at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour that Debbie Allen will reprise her role as Jackson’s mother in an episode to air later this season.

Question: I am dying to know if your latest blind item about a major character being killed off pertains to one of the three main castmembers on The Vampire Diaries. —Charlie
Ausiello: It does not. BTW, I will be revealing a pretty massive clue about [SPOILER]’s identity in this space within the next 24 hours.

Question: Please, I need some HIMYM scoop! —Wada
Ausiello: All aboard the Drunk Train — aka the last train from Manhattan to Long Island — aka Marshall and Lily’s soon-to-be-home. In an upcoming episode, not only do Ted and Barney get lucky while riding the rails, they meet the second coming of Andrew Dice Clay. (Shudder… )

Question: 30 Rock‘s back this week! Let’s celebrate with some scoop! —Jen
Ausiello: Get this — the show is pairing Jenna with Chris Meloni! OK, not the Chris Meloni. (Although maybe… ) What they’re doing is giving The Girly Show’s zany star a guest gig on a quintessential police procedural, complete with a stereotypical detective to play opposite.

Question: If I’ve asked once, I’ve asked a thousand times: Any intel on The Big C‘s third season? —Mickey
Ausiello: You betcha! Not only does Cathy make a hot new male friend — bartender Kirby — but she goes on a wild ride with a new female friend — biker babe Angie. And, while I don’t know this for sure — the show hasn’t even said which team Angie plays for — my Spidey sense is telling me there’s a lesbian affair in the works. I mean, if Cathy’s days are numbered, wouldn’t she want to try everything before they run out?

Question: When are we going to see the Impala again on Supernatural? It just doesn’t seem right to have Dean separated from his baby for this long! —Laura
Ausiello: The two shall be reunited! “You will eventually see the Impala again,” exec producer Sera Gamble confirms. “He could never leave [her] forever! It breaks everyone’s heart, including ours. That’s one of the biggest loses of the season is that Dean can’t drive her.”

Question: Will the Chuck prophet/novelist character be coming back to Supernatural? I find myself still curious as to who he really is. —Sharon
Ausiello: The short answer is probably not. The long answer, care of Ms. Gamble, is, “If I were a fan, I’d feel pretty satisfied by the way that Eric [Kripke] wrote Chuck’s last chapter. I would feel really good about that episode. We don’t currently have anything else for him to do, but I would certainly never say never. If somebody walked into the writers room tomorrow with a fantastic idea for an episode that needed him, we would do it immediately.”

Question: I just watched the Downton Abbey season 2 premiere on PBS and I am hooked! I’m hoping for plenty more harmonious interaction between Mary and Matthew. —Ann
Ausiello: By “harmonious interaction” do you mean sex? Or maybe just a kiss? I can confirm that one of those two things will happen before the end of the season, but there will be grave — one might even say deadly — consequences.

Question: I’m feeling pretty confident that the dead body on the beach on Revenge does not belong to Daniel. You? —Ronnie
Ausiello: I’m starting to have some doubts. You see, I assumed producers originally intended to whack Daniel, but switched gears when Josh Bowman started to click with viewers (not to mention Emily VanCamp). But series creator Mike Kelley tells TVLine’s Megan Masters that he’s sticking to Plan A (whatever that may be). “It’s going exactly where I had planned,” he maintains. “What I had in store up until Episode 15 is as I had hoped it would turn out. The show continues to evolve, yes, but that particular plot point has not changed since the beginning.” Hmm…

Question: Anything on Revenge — and I do mean anything? —Claire
Ausiello: You’re going to be in for a long, agonizing summer. Kelley confirms, “There will definitely be a cliffhanger going into Season 2.”

Question: The return of Georgina to Gossip Girl is going to be an explosive? —Carrie
Ausiello: I’d actually say that’s an understatement.

Question: Do we know who Ashley Tisdale is playing on Raising Hope? —Tiffany
Ausiello: We do now. “My family and I enlist her aid in playing my fake girlfriend,” says leading man Lucas Neff (Jimmy). “It’s some sort of attempt to make Sabrina jealous or see if she even gets jealous.”

Question: What is going to happen with Addison and Jake on Private Practice? —Mackenzie
Ausiello: They’re going to Palm Springs during February sweeps for work and (maybe) play. “They go to Palm Springs for a medical conference,” explains EP Shonda Rhimes. “And I have to say that those scenes were some of the most fun writing I’ve done in a really long time. Kate Walsh is an amazing comic actress and she doesn’t necessarily often get the chance to be really, really funny. And this [episode features] both really awkward and really funny stuff. And Benjamin Bratt has great comic timing as well. I love them together.”

Question: Any storyline about Sam coming up on Private Practice? —Jacklyn
Ausiello: Yes indeed. Rhimes says the arrival of Sam’s sister (played by The Good Wife‘s Anika Noni Rose) later this season will shed new light on what makes Taye Diggs’ alter ego tick. “They have been estranged for a very long time and this reunion happens in a surprising way,” reveals Rhimes. “It’s a chance to get to know more about Sam.”

Question: It’s a grimm state of affairs when Ask Ausiello doesn’t have any scoop on Grimm. See what I did there? —Joel
Ausiello: You attempted to be clever and it bombed? Totally saw it! Moving on… Monroe visits Nick’s trailer for the first time in this Friday’s episode — and he isn’t with Nick when he does!

Question: One Tree Hill final season scoop — go! —Jamie
Ausiello: EP Mark Schwahn says that little Jamie will share some “nice” scenes with his Uncle Lucas when Chad Michael Murray returns for an episode. The boss also tells TVLine that while countless familiar faces will pop up in Tree Hill before the fat lady sings, Ashley Rickards and Bryan Greenberg are not among them. “We don’t see either of them [this season],” he says. “There are a lot of faces we’d like to see, having been on so long, but we do stand by the choices we made. I really enjoyed the season and I wanted to spend time with [those castmembers] who had been there and who had been as loyal as the fans had been to the show, in terms of the guests. We did want to acknowledge the past for the fans who have been there since Day 1.”

Question: Got any good scoops on House? —Julie
Ausiello: You already know that House’s bride of convenience, Dominica, returns later this season. But what you may not know is why she returns. Answer coming in 3, 2, 1… “They got married for her green card, and as is the case, six months to a year later you have to prove that you’re actually married,” explains exec producer Greg Yaitanes. “So Dominaca shows back up and it’s time for those interviews. They’ve got to do a crash course in being married. It’s a hilarious episode. [Karolina Wydra] is so fantastic. Everybody is so charmed by her.”

Question: In need of some spoilers for New Girl. —Magali
Ausiello: Schmidt’s getting naked again. But it’s not gratuitous. It’s organic to the story. Seriously! “My storyline in that episode is I’m upset because there are girls in the bathroom and the towels are always on the floor because they’re in there using the shower and they’re taking a long time,” explains Max Greenfield, a.k.a. The Unclothed One. “So I get all upset and I take my towels out of the bathroom. But then I go to take my next shower and forget that I don’t have a towel and then I have to walk the walk back to my room totally nude.” Now for the sensitive question: How much do we see? “We did a couple of versions a la Austin Powers where there’s a well-placed [statue] on the mantle or coffee table that just covers me up.”

Question: Anything on Parenthood? —Josh
Ausiello: Max will finally make a real, true blue friend (an 11-year-old with Spina Bifida), Amber and Bob will mix business with pleasure while on an out of town trip, and a significant health scare looms for a major character.

Question: I miss my cul-de-sac crew! Any updates for us Cougar Town fans while we medicate the pain with our personal Big Carls? —Catrina
Ausiello: You know the big [SPOILER ALERT] that’s taking place in the Season 3 finale? I hear it may be shot on location in the wine capital of the U.S., the Napa Valley!

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