Exclusive Video: Parenthood's Amber Gets Schooled by An Ivy League Snob

The campaign trail portends to be a bumpy road for Parenthood‘s Amber, judging by this exclusive video sneak peek at this Tuesday’s episode of the NBC drama.

In the last episode before the holiday break, Amber (played by Mae Whitman) was recruited by her aunt Kristina to help out with the campaign of Bob Little, an up-and-coming young politician played by The Black Donnellys‘ Jonathan Tucker. In this clip, Amber at campaign HQ makes the acquaintance of some college grad colleagues — including one rather uppity Harvard alumna who makes no bones about questioning Amber’s resume.

Will Amber ‘fess up about her comparatively meager schooling? Press PLAY to find out. (P.S. Based on the photo above, from an upcoming episode, we’ll venture to say that Amber, despite her lack of a degree, impresses Bob just fine.)

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