Exclusive: Cougar Town To Conclude Season 3 With a [MAJOR SPOILER ALERT]

How’s this for a screwed-up turn of events: Cougar Town is just days away from starting production on its Season 3 finale and ABC has yet to schedule the show’s season premiere.

C-Town‘s unceremonious and inscrutable benching was the hot topic at a non-ABC sanctioned event hosted Monday night by the comedy’s cast and crew for members of the Television Critics Association (which is in the midst of its bi-annual press tour). The soiree was part of a nationwide grassroots campaign orchestrated by series creators Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel to promote the show’s eventual return.

It was at said bash that details about the season finale emerged, so stop reading if you like your plot twists to remain unspoiled.

To everyone else, now hear this: Cougar Town will wrap its current season with a… Jules-Grayson wedding!

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“Bill and I did not want to do the, ‘Will they or won’t they’ thing,” Biegel explains to TVLine. “We wanted to do a real adult relationship with two people who make sense together. So the third season starts with Jules and Grayson getting engaged, and it ends with them getting married.”

The nuptials also serve to dispel the perception that Cougar Town is sitcom about a woman in her 40s shagging men half her age. “This answers the question about what this show is about — and it’s not Jules having sex with younger men,” notes Biegel. “It also gives us an arc to follow in Season 3.”

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For her part, Courteney Cox — who was on hand at Monday’s rogue reception — believes her once-divorced alter ego is ready to take the plunge again. “She’s done it before [with Travis’ father, Bobby],” she told TVLine, “and this one is going to go much better than the last one.”

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