Saturday Night Live Recap: Best and Worst Sketches With Host Charles Barkley

Unfortunately for Charles Barkley, third time was not the charm.

As Barkley opened the first Saturday Night Live episode of 2012 with a dry monologue about his success with Weight Watchers, the only laughs were as he poked fun at himself — and that trend continued throughout the night.

Although this episode saw the return of a few favorites – Lord Wyndemore, Drunk Uncle and political comedian Nicholas Fehn to name a few – in the end the bad outweighed the good. That said, there were still a few hidden gems. Here are my picks for the best and worst of the night:

Best: White People Problems
Barkley tackled the infamous Twitter hashtag: White People Problems. These ranged from airline seat mix-ups and summer house woes to the search for organic, free-range chicken – at Arby’s. Barkley delivered with one-liners like, “Awkward is a white-people word that can be applied to every situation,” and left me chuckling.

Best: Wyndemere
Lord Wyndemere (Paul Brittain) made a triumphant return, promenading and dancing around to his ‘melody’ on an endless quest for sweets. This time, his girlfriend’s father (Jason Sudekis) wasn’t the only one enamored by the little lord – Barkley, playing Sudekis’ friend, quickly exclaimed, “Aw, hell yes! Lil’ dude just made my day!”

Worst: Rick Santorum Cold Open
Andy Samberg’s portrayal of presidential candidate Rick Santorum felt endless. Kristen Wiig’s farewell to Michele Bachmann on Weekend Update, obsessively blinking and singing Montell Jordan songs, was much funnier.

Worst: Joann’s Announcement
Although he made a surprisingly convincing – albeit gigantic – woman, Barkley in drag as Joann, coming out to her friends as a lesbian, fell flat. As her friends cried out in disbelief, claiming she was “such a girly girl” and “all high heels and champagne,” Barkely did little but nod in agreement. Overall, it was a boring skit with the only highlight coming with the sight gag of Chad (Paul Brittain) as Joann’s boyfriend.

What did you think of this week’s SNL? What are your picks for best and worst skit? And how would you grade Barkley as host? Sound off below!

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