Bones Buzz: Is Season 7 Growing Bigger? And How Confident Is Show Boss About Renewal?

Bones may soon and sadly be heading into a winter hiatus, but good news for the show’s fans is in good supply.

For starters, Fox president Kevin Reilly told reporters at the Television Critics Association winter press tour that while Bones Season 7 is currently programmed to air just 17 episodes, “We ordered as many as they could produce with Emily [Deschanel, whose maternity leave dictated the split season]…. If they can produce 22 when she comes back, that’s what we’ll make. [T]hey may end up making 22.”

But as of right now, the four “bonus” episodes that were ordered in September and took the Season 7 tally to 17 will “either move into next season,” Reilly said, “or play into the summer.”

Looking ahead to the fall, series boss Hart Hanson said, “Hell yes,” that he is quite game for as well as “very confident” that Bones‘ producers and studio will reach an agreement with Fox to deliver Season 8.

“Putting [Brennan and Booth] together and having a child reinvigorated our series,” Hanson explained. “We still have very good stories [to tell].”