Portlandia Season 2 Scoop: Expect Pickling, a BSG Spoof and a Very Special House Guest

When Portlandia premiered, no one expected it to be a success, much less one of the overnight variety. But danged if the show — a series of sketch-comedy vignettes starring real-life BFFs Fred Armisen (SNL) and newcomer Carrie Brownstein — didn’t break out. Set in a dreamy, romanticized version of Portland, Ore., it pokes fun at the city’s hipster-hippie residents, who seem to want to “pickle everything” (and we mean everything). What — and who — can you expect from the upcoming season, premiering tonight, Jan. 6, at 10 pm on IFC? Read on and find out!

They’re baaaaack. We’ll see the returns of almost all of Season 1’s most popular characters — including Toni and Candice of Women and Women First Bookstore. In fact, House alum Amber Tamblyn will play the shop’s first intern.

• Andy Samberg not only guest-stars — as a smooth-talking bartender whose sudden relocation to L.A. prompts Fred and Carrie to make their first trek outside of Portland — he even sings in the premiere. “It’s not really a Lonely Island type of thing,” teases co-producer Jonathan Krisel, “but he definitely sings.”

• The duo forms a band called Catnap, garnering YouTube attention because of its unique member: an actual cat named Kevin. As the group becomes more successful, they get tied up — literally — by a psychotic fan named Gathy, played by Kristen Wiig.

• Battlestar Galactica-themed sketch finds a couple at a loss as to what to do with their lives after their favorite series ends.

• Jeff Goldblum dons a pink suit to play the owner of a knot store. As he puts it, to “sell knots — all kinds of things that are knotted —  made of all different types of materials.”

• We’ll be introduced to a ridiculous, eco-friendly moving company whose entire operation runs on a bicycle for two.

• Besides Armisen’s promise that there will be “a lot of pickling and a lot of music,” we’ll also get a modification of “The Dream of the ’90s,” about the 1890s, Brownstein’s favorite.

Will you tune into the Season 2 premiere? Who would you love to see make their way into Portlandia?