Vampire Diaries Preview: 'Payoff' for Damon and Elena, Love for Klaus, and Even More Originals!

Is there anything more torturous than waiting almost two months for a new episode The Vampire Diaries? If so, it’s gotta be waiting the last few hours until the show finally returns tonight (The CW, 8/7c). But, executive producer Julie Plec promises, “It will be well worth [your] while” if you tune in. “There’s a good little series moment.”

Here, TVLine gets her to dish on what’s ahead for Damon and Elena, a romance forKlaus, Tyler and Caroline’s relationship, the introduction of Alaric’s new leading lady and more!

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DAMON & ELENA: AT LAST! | After several very close moments this season, how much longer can the will-they-or-won’t-they pair go there without actually going there? “We’re not in the business of the eternal tease that never goes anywhere,” Plec hints. “That’s not how we like to tell our stories.” In fact, she promises that “ultimately, there will be a payoff” to the long-building sexual tension between Stefan’s ex and his bro. But, she adds, the long-awaited moment, particularly “what it is and when it happens, may be surprising to people.”

CUPID TARGETS… KLAUS?! | Does the big, bad hybrid have a soft, sentimental heart? As we previously teased, someone will catch Klaus’ eye very soon. “What he does in pursuit of that someone will be an interesting and enjoyable part of the next chapter,” previews Plec. But is being at the center of the vamp’s attention a good thing? After all, that could also mean you’re dinner. Plec laughs before assuring us the story is “an opportunity to see a side of Klaus that we haven’t gotten to see yet, which is him being attracted to somebody else. … It’s going to be lots of fun.”

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WAKE UP AND SMELL THE MANIPULATION | After some really “unfortunate” events, Tyler will “start to understand that the hold Klaus has over him is stronger than even he believed and that [the sire bond] comes at a very, very painful and ugly price,” says Plec. “He is going to have to do something about it if he has any hope of winning [Caroline] back.” And that’s a big “if.” Tyler’s defense of Caroline, to put it mildly, “doesn’t make Klaus very happy.”

THE ORIGINAL FAMILY | Romance isn’t the only thing on Klaus’ mind. He’ll be plenty busy trying to get his family back from Stefan, too. And not all of the vamps will be staying put in their caskets. “At least one of those daggered Originals is coming out of those coffins,”  teases Plec. “That will happen sooner than later.” Plec already revealed that Rebekah will wake up angry. Now we also know that Klaus will be reuniting with his brothers, Kol (Out of the Blue‘s Nathaniel Buzolic) and Finn (La Femme Muskateer‘s Caspar Zafer). Their reappearance will trigger a big reveal as to when and why they were daggered. Not to mention, “Klaus, who has been very much in control of everything for quite a long time, suddenly now has multiple siblings to deal with,” adds Plec. Good luck, buddy!

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PAGING DR. FELL | The new doc (played by Paul Wesley’s wife and One Tree Hill/Pretty Little Liars alum Torrey DeVitto) not only takes note of Alaric’s ability to survive the impossible, but she’s “definitely more than what she seems,” hints Plec. As such, she’ll turn up on the radar of… Damon! “Her interest in [Alaric] makes Damon concerned and suspicious about what she might be hiding,” says Plec. So, in the spirit of bromance, Damon does some digging to find out if Dr. Fell “is worthy of any kind of relationship with his buddy. He doesn’t necessarily like what he finds.”

Vampire Diaries fans, how pumped are you for new episodes? What are you excited for most?