Revenge Recap: Tyler’s Got a Gun!

[Warning: If you’ve yet to watch Wednesday’s episode of Revenge, avert your eyes…now! Everyone else, read on…]

Solemn, slow music may have kicked off Wednesday’s episode of Revenge, but the mood was far from calm. Here’s a look at what (and who) went down in the Hamptons.

FAKE IT TO MAKE IT | Daniel staged a faux-reconciliation between him and his father, thus becoming a pawn in Victoria’s divorce game. Toward the end of the episode, Victoria presents Daniel with a very special gift: a memory book. Under normal circumstances, this would be a sweet gesture, but with Victoria, it never is – she stole the idea from Emily, further showcasing her many shades of deception — even when her son is on her side!

UNSETTLING DISCOVERIES | In true Nolan/Emily style, they were able to track down the whale cam in the nick of time. But Emily didn’t stop there; she pulled a nearly empty bottle of anti-psychotics out of Tyler’s bag. After a quick call, we learned three things about Tyler: he’s off his meds, he attacked his last doctor, and detectives have been searching for him for weeks. As usual, Emily isn’t caught in the act, but she was able to watch Tyler go into a rage, smashing a photo of her and Daniel before looking incredibly disturbed as he stares into a broken mirror – a fitting image.

WE AIN’T SAYIN’ SHE’S A GOLDDIGGER… | Victoria and Conrad began their divorce battle, although the main concern wasn’t money, real estate or art – it was Charlotte. Both want full custody of her, although it’s clear where their daughter’s loyalty lies. Victoria’s lawyer claimed that since she was pregnant when she signed their pre-nup, she was in crisis and the pact was therefore null and void. Here’s the catch: Victoria admitted to her lawyer that she lied (surprise, surprise) and she wasn’t pregnant at the time, so he manufactures documents supporting the fib.

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YOU DON’T KNOW JACK | Fake Amanda, clearly uncomfortable with Jack and Emily’s relationship, played the jealousy card  — and with good reason: their chemistry was undeniable as they set up a fire on the beach. Cue the flashbacks. On the flip side, Emily is showing true feelings for Daniel (or faking them better with each passing day), gifting him a book of poems that remind her of him, claiming she started collecting them the day after they met. Does anyone else sense a love triangle on the horizon?

THE F-WORD | For the first time, Emily didn’t just use Nolan as a resource. They shared many heartfelt moments, including a genuine apology and the actual word “friend” from Ms. Thorne herself. Nolan’s loyalty was proven when he took a knife for her — literally. After tracking down Tyler halfway to California – surprise! – Tyler popped up behind him with a knife and demanded the videos and all of his backups. He cut straight to the point and sliced Nolan in the arm before spotting the whale’s video feed of Emily and Daniel, conveniently showing them putting a gun away inside a drawer. Cue the birthday party catastrophe in 3…2…1…

DINNER AND A SHOW | Gun in hand, Tyler sings a psychotic rendition of “Happy Birthday” on par with Patrick Bateman crooning Huey Lewis and the News and invents a game called “Truth or Die” before he’s hauled off the island by the cops, effectively implicated by Emily’s sleight-of-hand in P.I. Frank’s death, to boot.

So, what did you think of the return of Revenge? Was there enough of Victoria’s signature snarl? Hit the comments with your snappy judgments!

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