Switched at Birth: 5 Reasons to Get Excited for the Winter Premiere

Fans of Switched at Birth can rejoice — Bay, Daphne and scene-stealer Emmett are finally back this Tuesday at 8/7c! After screening the winter premiere and talking with creator Lizzy Weiss, we came up with five reasons to get excited about Season 1.5 of the ABC Family charmer.

MORE EMMETT | One of the benefits of a renewal with a large episode order: It gives producers more time to dig deeper into supporting characters like Daphne’s friend-turned-Bay’s boyfriend Emmett, who will find himself torn during his parents’ divorce. “It’s a big custody battle, and Emmett’s caught in the middle,” previews Weiss. “Bay gets roped into it as well.” Meanwhile, Emmett’s deepening relationship with Bay will have him pondering whether to use his voice more. “It is a question that we do deal with a lot,” says Weiss.

EMMETT AND BAY | The lovebirds remain together, but a big obstacle looms. “There’s someone in the family who is not happy that they’re dating,” teases Weiss. “It makes it hard for them.” Look for “a big surprise” at the end of Episode 2, which will create “a big challenge” for the twosome. One threat we can rule out: Daphne. Although her feelings for Emmett are still alive and well, she won’t be making any aggressive plays for her old pal…yet. As Weiss notes, Emmett made his feelings for Bay pretty clear in the fall finale. “We don’t really overdo the triangle like some people might expect or worry about.”

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MORE WILKE | With Daphne trying to let Emmett go, does that mean she might move on to classmate Wilke? “I can tell you that they have great chemistry, so we have definitely played to that,” Weiss replies coyly. That chemistry is on display big-time during a touching scene in the winter premiere. “Opening up to Wilke is not a natural instinct for [Daphne],” notes Weiss. “She never thought she would be with someone like Wilke.” The playful troublemaker, meanwhile, will have to “sell himself to Daphne,” continues Weiss. “It makes for a fun dynamic.”

SILENT FIGHTS | Those chill-inducing, take-your-breath-away silent arguments will continue to be a staple of the series. “We’re so proud of those,” says Weiss. “There’s a scene between [Emmett’s mom] Melody and Emmett at the end of Episode 2 that is so incredible. It’s one of our best scenes.”

RACIAL ISSUES | The show will get into race this season as Bay comes to terms with being Latina and what that means for her relationship with her grandmother (Family Ties‘ Meredith Baxter). “She comes to town and feels a little bit differently about Bay,” previews Weiss. “She found out that she’s not blood and sees her as Latina.” Daphne will be dealing with a similar issues now that the world sees her as white. “Her last name is Vasquez,” notes Weiss. “So it’s strange for her to realize, ‘I’m technically an upper-class, white girl, even though I don’t feel that.’”

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