Grey's Anatomy First Look Videos: Meredith Plays in Traffic, Widowed Teddy Thanks Cristina (?!)

How long is the surgery that Grey’s Anatomy‘s Dr. Teddy Altman is performing? Because we’re now going on seven weeks since Henry died, and still no one has told her?!

OK, technically, it’s only been that long since the ABC drama aired its fall finale, and when Season 8 resumes this Thursday at 9/8c, Teddy will still be in the O.R., oblivious to her husband’s tragic fate.

In the first of these three preview clips below, Owen flags down his already distraught wife, telling her that Teddy has requested her able hands to help finish up said surgery. Cristina, of course, already feels awful about losing Henry (albeit unwittingly) on her own table, so imagine the gut-punch she gets when Teddy says what she does in Clip No. 2.

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The third clip, meanwhile, follows Meredith, Alex and the aftermath of the SUV-ambulance collision. Though things looked grim for the oncoming vehicle’s passengers in the last episode, it turns out there are some survivors. But to save them, Mer finds herself chasing cars, fittingly. (Cue Snow Patrol!) Let’s hope the one barreling toward her has good brakes.

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