TVLine Shares Its 2012 Wish List for Grey's, FNL, Fringe, Vampire Diaries, Community and More

It’s been an incredible year in television (here’s to you, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Community, Parks and Rec, Homeland and Parks and Rec), but we here at TVLine are craving even more out of the next 12 months. From Gossip Girl “going there” with Blair and a certain fella to Cougar Town digging its claws into meaty ratings upon its return, we have our own very specific TV wish list for 2012 — so networks, take note!

Our readers have already spoken. Now, here’s what TVLine Founder/Editor-in-Chief Michael Ausiello, Editor-at-Large Matt Webb Mitovich, Senior Editor Michael Slezak, West Coast Editor Meg Masters and West Coast Reporter Vlada Gelman have singled out as dream TV scenarios in the New Year.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kimrs says:

    Every time I hit the next button I get sent to a different page about what readers are thankful for instead of the next wish for 2012

  2. Nick says:

    Yes, Katherine needs to return to Grey’s for some closure!

    • nonabgo says:

      Even if it’s just to keep her out of ruining perfectly good movies!

      • Sam says:

        I have never seen a movie that would have dramatically increased in quality if Katharine Heigl had not been a part of it.

        • SamIAm? says:

          Sam: Could your sentence be any more confusing? I have no idea what you are trying to say.

          • Not Sam says:

            Sam’s sentence wasn’t confusing at all if you have at least an elementary understanding of English. The meaning is clear: Katherine Heigl’s absence will not, in Sam’s opinion, raise the quality of any movie.

            Which is true as far as it goes, mostly because Ms. Heigl picks lousy movies to be in (she hasn’t been in anything good since “Knocked Up”).

          • Tarc says:

            Knocked Up was a terrible movie – the worst of Heigl’s picks. She’s been good in quite a few movies, most of which suffered from bad scripts (no different than most Hollywood movies).

        • Svenja says:

          Heigl is a very good actress. I don’t get why she decides to do all of these flat romantic comedies. She should do a thriller or something. She proved on Grey’s Anatomy that she has the potential.

          • Mico says:

            Agree! While I’m still holding a grudge over her winning the Emmy and not Oh and/or Wilson, she really did beautiful work in Grey’s. I’ve always thought of her as a Sandra Bullock waiting to happen – once she gets out of her comfort zone and start doing a film that would extensively portray her dramatic prowess, an Oscar trophy will be waiting.

          • Svenja says:

            I agree.
            She has the potential. Of course big, complex characters and parts in movies demand a lot of work and energy, but she could pull it off. Yes, she got married and adopted a baby, but now it’s time to start doing big movies. Romantic comedies are fun, but doing nothing but those comedies is not a smart choice. I want to see her deliver big way.

      • wendyokoopa says:

        I know seriously one for the money should have been cast with Jennifer anniston.

    • willa says:

      I don’t know. I think Grey’s is fine without her and she doesn’t want to be there so I don’t want her there.
      I would die and go to heaven if JJAbrams started another series. The man is amazing and ,com on, the guy gave us the best series ever in Lost! Please write more ,Mr.Abrams!
      I consider GG a guilty and pleasure and consider myself pretty casual there. I don’t get the appeal of Dan and Blair at all, to be frank. I think Chuck and Blair are far more interesting.
      I’d like Elijah back on TVD, my other guilty pleasure!

      • Roxie says:

        J.J. Abrams has started two new series. Person of Interest on CBS, which started in Sept. and stars Michael Emerson (Ben) from Lost, and Alcatraz, which is starting this month and stars Jorge Garcia (Hurley) from Lost, are both produced by J.J. Abrams, and I believe that Alcatraz also has some of the writers from Lost involved with it. Once Upon A Time is another new series that has Lost writers working on it, and Fringe, which is a few years old, is produced by Abrams and has other Lost people working on it as well. I especially recommend Fringe to you if you haven’t seen it yet. There are quite a few connections between that show and Lost, shared actors and crew, as well as references to Lost being made on Fringe.

    • Melissa says:

      I have been watching old Grey’s on netflix and I miss Izzie, George and Burke. The first two seasons of that show were so good. Watching them bring in Hahn, the incredibly useless and annoying Sadie, Dr. Dixon, etc. makes you just miss when it was the same amazing people every week. I know Isaiah Washington did an awful thing in real life I just wish he still could have been allowed to play Burke. Especially since after he was let go Shonda Rhimes just wrote George off anyway. So since it’s not possible to bring George back, bring back some Izzie. It’s too bad Burke won’t ever come back, imagine how that would be?!

    • Mal says:

      I always get upset about this, because I feel Alex and Izzie DID have closure. He gave his big speech about how she taught him to be a better man, and now he knows he deserves better than her. How much more closure do you need between that and the divorce papers?!

      • ARi says:

        I agree! I think people want that “closure” to really be “make Izzie look better”. She treated Alex terribly. She was an awful person at the end. Alex deserves better and realized it. Frankly, if their sense of closure had come any other way I would have been disappointed. Alex went on this journey to becoming a better man and he made it there. He made it there because Izzie treated him like garbage. What better way to end that story than with Alex saying that he knows he’s a good man and he deserves better than a wife who leaves him, sticks him with $200,000 worth of medical bills and essentially hides from him until she gets caught skulking around and then acts like she wants him back? I feel like the show closed their relationship nicely and in a way that grew the character that was still left. I have never understood the love for Izzie and I don’t understand why people think that Alex and Izzie need another scene of closure..

      • Marx says:

        For people who have been shipping this couple since season 1, calling that season 6 speech “closure” would be a big No-No! Remember that KH was supposed to return after that episode had she not opted out of the contract in March that year (although i highly doubt she would have survived the massacre in season 6 finale :P)

        Alex and Izzie were one consistent couple in the whole GA history after MerDer.. Even when they were with other people (Denny, George, Addison, Rebecca/Ava) they always kept the feeling for each other and jealousy factor very out in open. So the people who were looking forward to see a stable married life for this couple are seriously in disappointment… and Alex still hasn’t found a permanent lovebird! (thanks to the star crossed “charlie’s angels”, Rachael Taylor moved off the way), even in season 8 with George’s mother revisiting, Alex recalls that she still cant help but think of Izzie.. so CLOSURE is very much in Order!! Katheine owes this to IzzEX fans! (God! I am rambling here!)

      • Stacey says:

        I was okay with how they handled her exit and felt that she did get closure with the two closest to her. (Alex & Meredith) I can understand how an Alex/Izzie shipper would want more though. As far as the actress is concerned, she made it very clear that she wanted an early out of her contract and she was granted her wish. I think they did the best they could given the circumstances surrounding the actress wanting to leave and her unexpected maternity leave (mandatory by law) with her adopted baby arriving.

    • Josh says:

      I read an article where she was worried her attitude has completely ruined her career. Of course I find this ironic as people love Charlie Sheen, who is a racist, bigot, drug addict, wife beater but have a problem with Katherine Heigl for being bitchy…but I okay digress.

      She was saying that she wanted people to warm to her. Returning to Grey’s would be a giant right step in that direction. A three episode stint wrapping Izzie’s storyline with Alex, Meredith and Bailey would be fantastic.

      • Rax says:

        I really don’t get why people diss Katherine Heigl just because she speaks her mind instead of a “all’s well” robotic approach.. What she said about the writer’s was right, her character was ruined by making her have an affair with George!

        I doubt even KH would want to come back as a regular anyway but she SHOULD comeback as a guest star..

    • Ines says:

      I disagree. They’ve had their closure and, as Mai and Ari said, her leaving made Alex a much better man and doctor. If you rewatch the episodes when she comes back you can see she no longer fits.
      Besides, I don’t think Katherine Heigl deserves to be on the show. She had a lot of screen time during the whole sleeping-with-George-which-led-to-his-divorce and seeing-dead-Denny situations and all she did was bitch about her long hours of work. Now that she’s out of job, because she bad-mouthes everyone she ever worked with (after they gave her a career), she wants back in? If I was Shonda Rhimes, I also wouldn’t want to see her face everyday.

  3. NatnatmcD says:

    I couldn’t see the actual list – every time I clicked on a pic, it sent me to a different unrelated article…

  4. lee says:

    Word on the two Gossip Girl wishes. And hats off to you Michael Ausiello. You are a brave man.

    Fringe needs to be renewed. And if it doesn’t it needs a proper ending.

    • jenkins says:

      I agree with no sibling love on Dexter. That pretty much turned me off the last episodes this year. Gross.

      As far as GG goes, I don’t think Ausiello watches the show because, hey, if you’re picking Dan and Blair for any wish list it should be they never happened. What a waste of space with OOC BS. I’m with the other wish for the show though, where is the real Blair? The real Blair would not care about Dan ,which DB fans don’t get apparently. Nothing can save GG but I only wish a Chuck and Blair happy ending.

    • carrie says:

      I find Ausiello’s DB pick a bad joke (maybe he thinks it’s April Fool’s) . Really, Ausi? Are you on the crack pipe again with Safran and Savage? Vlade is right on and Blair has never looked more pathetic than when she goes crawling to Dan for help. Chuck wants her to be her own person and make her own choices.
      On to tv worth watching… Valde is right! Take the damn dagger out of Elijah! I love that character. Drop dead love the guy and the actor is fantastic. He really brings TVD to a whole new level when he’s on screen. Please say he’s going to be making regular appearances?

      • Ari says:

        Frankly, if Blair goes running to Dan now I’m going to lose any respect I had left for her. She has been a weak character this year but she finally made a decision that she knew was right. She chose Chuck, she was ending her engagement for him, now I’m supposed to believe that suddenly she wants Dan? Unless there is a huge time jump between the last episode and the next one I’ll never find it believable that Blair is ditching Chuck for Dan.

  5. Frannie says:

    I 100% agree about the All My Children ending wish. So disappointed that behind the scenes craziness caused such a long running show to end without an ending.

    Vlada – I have never agreed with a Gossip Girl wish more. Who is this Blair we are watching? Can you imagine this version scheming or helping a friend in trouble? She has become a way worse version of Serena. I understand the show wanted a role reversal but everyone loves Blair has ended up being the assassination of the Blair Waldorf character

    In regards to the other GG wish. While I loathe DB I must say I wish GG would just do SOMETHING. Anything. Remember when it was must watch because things actually happened? If they plan to do DB just DO IT! If they don’t at least let Blair in on Dan’s feelings. Also lets wrap up the Prince storyline. Like yesterday. Gossip Girl right now makes the Killing look fast paced and satisfying.

    Also big yes on both Community and CougarTown. I feel like the Cougar Town wait is never ending. I am sure the Community wait will be worse. I hate to wish failure on other shows but I am hoping ABC and NBC have to make changes.

    • MSC says:

      I hated what they did with All My Children. They knew the end was coming right?
      I’m really upset about Community and it’s hard to know it’s going off the air soon.
      On GG, don’t agree with Michael (usually don’t) but agree with Vlade there. I feel like Blair is a pod person now. I mean, seriously, befriending Dan? Wanting to marry a prince over the guy she loves in Chuck all for the title? Wafting around from guy to guy…is she Serena now? Did they switch souls when they switched souls. Honestly, all I wish is for her to get back to being Blair, get with Chuck, and for Gossip Girl to get canceled. I think these writers really screwed up their show last season.

      • MSC says:

        I meant did they switch souls when they switched shoes!

      • leigh says:

        I stopped watching Gossipgirl last year when I heard about Dan and Blair, I think that told me Blair would never be Blair Waldorf again. I’m a Chuck and Blair fan but that show needs to just get shelved- especially when they do this type of stuff.
        Dexter really creeped me out with Deb realizing she loved Dexter. There were several moments on that show where I just wanted to pull my mini trash can over and hurl. It’s the only time I’ve ever thought about quitting the show and it’s the only time I was ever disappointed in that show.
        And yes to JJAbrams coming back! I loved all of those shows and miss Lost so much! We need another Lost on tv!

        • Nadia says:

          Does anyone even watch Gossip Girl since Chuck and Blair broke up anymore?

          I’m not sold on Katherine Heigl coming back because by the time Izzy left I just didn’t care about her character anymore. I mean all that she put Alex through annoyed e enough and let’s not forget the ghost sex or the Gizzie treatment Shonda “bestowed” on us.Let Izzy stay gone.

          • lexie says:

            @Nadia My watching of Gossip Girl is off and on. I watch when I hear there will be Chuck and Blair scenes or Serena and Blair scenes. Sadly, I’ve decided to take the show off my DVR and off my must see list. It’s just not very good anymore and characters are all over the place.

            The rest of the list: Alias and Lost will forever be in my top 10 series, so I definitely am a bit of a JJAbrams junkie. If he writes anything I’ll tune in no matter what.

            I really hope Elijah does come back on The Vampire Diaries. The show is great in general but he brings it to another level and I think the producers actually get that, so here’s to more Elijah!

          • CTravers says:

            I was wondering the same thing, who watches Gossipgirl?Ithink the only redeeming thing on that show was Blair and Chuck but the plots got so stupid who would still watch? It’s annoying a crappy show like that stay on the air but Community is getting canceled? No justice in the world what so ever. I want Community to come back but I kind of don’t because that just means we’re closer to the end and that is a travesty in itself.

  6. Reward says:

    Is Katherine gonna be back in second part of VD?

  7. Franlyn says:

    my wish – Less reality shows.

    Dont get me wrong I have no problem with the odd reality show (i do wish 1 or 2 of them). I know that realirt TV is cheaper to make than scripted shows but i just wish there was not so much reality on TV these days.

    • Ash says:

      I so agree. I mean NBC benches Community and The Biggest loser is getting a two hour block? ABC benches Cougar Town and DWTS is on like 7 days a week? I think that there is no need to have those reality shows drawn out as long as they are. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Amazing Race and Survivor but I would never watch them if they were on 3 or 4 days a week. It’s just excessive. Maybe that is why scripted TV is suffering. People aren’t willing to watch network television because they know the good scripted shows will get yanked for reality drivel.

    • Janie says:

      I really hope that they cut down on the amount of reality shows in 2012.
      Like you I do watch 1 or 2 of them like The Voice but it is like a total overload of them at the moment. I wish that networks would stop giving us so much reality and bring more scripted shows back.
      I think that we have lost several great or good scripted shows to make way for more reality TV and it saddens me because it does seem that some of these reality shows appear to be dumbing people down. Also, a load of reality shows are just various of the same thing of other networks.
      Like i said I watch one of 2 of reality tv shows but i live in reality, I dont want to have to see too much of it when I watch TV. When I watch TV I like to escape reality for a while.

  8. Brenda says:

    WAIT…what Ausiello means abt Gossip Girl stop being polite and start to get real with a Dan & Blair romance…is that GGWRITERS to honest abt their intentions with DAIR and do something…anything…abt it…right? Bc I don’t see how GGWRITERS are being polite with the fans abt what they are doing with CHAIR…it’s like an endless road of them being punched.

    • Jenna says:

      GG is a terrible show as is the pimping out of DB- the worst thing to come around in a very long time. Fans don’t want it as mush as Ausiello and their writers claim. If they want to do DB, do it and get it over with so I can watch Chuck and Blair when they come back on. I do agree with Vlade in that Blair Waldorf has become a shell of herself. She’s actually become a Serena clone with this wishy washy attitude and men hanging all over her. I liked the Blair that was loved by one man (chuck) , who was decisive and manipulative, and who knew what she wanted. This one…no wonder this is the worst rated show on tv.

    • mel says:

      I disagree with Ausi on GG (I mean seriously, dude?) but I do agree with Blair emerging as season 1 and 2 Blair. That Blair was strong and she didn’t need to go running to Dan to fix her problems, which I find so pathetic (that whole relationship is). The real Blair took care of her situations, good or bad without running to anyone. She has become a damsel in distress and it’s anything but powerful.Girl needs to find herself then get back with Chuck.

      • Delise says:

        She had no one to run to sans Dorota. Her mom was almost non-existent as a parent. She had her own issues with Serena which often made it hard to share any level of honesty with her outside of her personal angry. And being emotionally transparent and open with Chuck, at least in most of season one, was improbable. She was alone in her own torment and the ware of it showed.

        I don’t see her sharing with Dan as a sign of weakness. Do I think we need parts of the old Blair back? Absolutely! But her showing some semblance of human vulnerability with another human being, much like she had already done in 1×04 I mind you, is not a bad thing.

  9. curly hair says:

    I share the Blair, Dan/Blair, Elijah and JJ Ambrams series wishes!

  10. Danielle says:

    My Wish List:
    Fringe gets renewed
    Gossip Girl gets new writers
    2 Broke Girls go gay (have you seen the show? it’s like a will they won’t they waiting to happen)
    How I Met Your Mother, Lizzy Caplan should come onto the show and be the mother and Barney and Robin remain as friends.
    Nikita should also be renewed

  11. Eka says:

    Re: wish 16 – watch the Christmas special…

  12. Marice says:

    I miss Community already. :( I wish ratings would just … stop existing.

    As for Gossip Girl, I agree with Vlada that I need the old Blair back, but as a Chuck and Blair fan all the way, what I really need is for the writers to just speed up the storylines and actually follow through with something for once. Please give me my CB happiness or just put me out of my misery.

  13. katie says:

    yeah gossip girl needs to get real and finally do dair

    and community needs to come back like YESTERDAY

  14. maria says:

    My wish list: Tvline would pay more attention to NCIS. You know…that little show that’s number one in the rankings (for scripted shows)…that little show that draws about 20 million viewers a week…

    • lauren says:

      Oh I disagree. I’m an NCIS super-fan and TVline is like the only TV site that pays _any_ attention to the show. Did you not see the Tony/E.J. scene they posted? Plus they cover NCIS L.A. which I also love.

  15. Rain says:

    Ausiello you are my hero, I agree about Dair!!! Never in my life have I seen show writers so scared of a loud group of fans on the internet, they are a minority! The casal fans outnumber us all and as long as it is not boring they will watch. Its ok to let Chair go writers, it really is no one will die and everyone will get over it eventually. Its a tv show for goodness sake!

    • avil says:

      I agree. Nothing to add.

    • Rain says:

      Vlada I love yours as well!!! Since the moment she was whored for a hotel she has been such a weak character completely entrapped by her feelings for Chuck. I honestly have never seen a more depressing character arc for a woman on any show that ISN’T the intention of the writers. I hate that she runs back to Chuck when he doesnt deserve it, that she can’t be alone, that she doesn’t know how to be happy, that she has never got to voice to Chuck all the hurt he has caused her without going back on it two eps later, that Chuck gets to make all the realizations about their relationship and grow, but what I hate most is that she is just a sad sad sad character to watch and the writers don’t seem to get that since they never let her come out of it. With Dan she was the Blair I love till we found out her whole powerful woman thing was to get back to Chuck faster, and in the end Dans kiss just made her want Chuck which is not surprising but still why does she have to be so obsessed with someone as horrible as Chuck Bass? :(

      • Elisha says:

        If you agree with Vlade then you shouldn’t want her with Dan. The real Blair Waldorf we all loved and rooted for never would have looked at Dan in a way you want her to. Face it, she loves and wants Chuck and all you DB fans and Ausiello can go cry on your big pillows about it when they end up together. Ausi likes to kiss writers ass and I see this as another way of doing it and trying to pretend he actually watches. I never agree with Vlade but she’s right about Blair. The real Blair Waldorf was lost last year with Dan when she judged Chuck for scheming when she herself is a schemer. DB fans are too stupid to get that.

        • boris says:

          you’re misunderstanding the character if you think the “real blair waldorf” is just an elitist, scheming bitch. blair is and should be a deeper, more layered and complex character than that.

          • leigh says:

            I actually gt what Elisha is saying and I don’t think it negates the layers Blair once had, that’s one of the reasons we loved her. I do ,however, agree that once they decided to do anything Dair Blair was lost. It’s why I decided to quit the show in general. Blair may hav had layers once but the point is they aren’t there anymore. I youtubed a few scenes and now all she is is a whiny Serena and Dan “rescuing” her is not winning any points in my book.

        • Delise says:

          You almost had a valid point worth considering till you directly insulted an entire fan base.

          Now on the off chance someone is going to cry fowl that other fan bases say nasty things too, fair point. But it’s not the entire community of people and it’s not me! So please stop lumping all of us into your perceptions of Dair fans and please for the love of God don’t call us stupid. Thanks.

    • Violet says:

      Like. Times a million.

    • Mal says:

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • Allie says:

      It amuses me that you think the writers aren’t writing Dan and Blair as the next great epic romance because they’re afraid of a loud minority of internet fans, instead of realizing that that was just never their intention at all. Perhaps they recognize that the two are cute and funny as friends, but they simply don’t have what it takes in the romantic chemistry department. And in regards to casual fans watching as long as it’s not boring? That ship sailed about a year ago.

      • lara says:

        You speak the truth my friend.

      • jenkins says:

        Chuck and Blair trended world wide (dan and blair never trended anywhere) so only the moronic statements like this by Dair fans make me laugh. You are the minority as much as you sorely wish you weren’t. Please stop making a total fool of yourselves.

    • Kimmie says:

      Totally agree!!

    • Elisha says:

      But the casual fans had Chuck and Blair trending world wide, didn’t they? The casual fan stopped watching last year with no Chuck and Blair. They stopped when the DB arc came on. I think the casual fan wants Chuck and Blair, it’s a group online that want DB. And DBers seem to have no proof the casual fan gives a crap about DB. Ironic.

    • James says:

      WORD Rain. They’ve got to stop trying to please a small portion of Internet fans and tell the story they want to tell.

  16. DaretoDair says:

    I agree so much on the Gossip Girl wishes! We need the old Blair back, they’re just making her pathetic trying to force Chair again.

  17. paloma says:

    dair is the best thing to happen to gossip girl in years. i can’t believe we’re watching the chuck and blair play out basically the same contrived, boring thing that happened over and over and over and over and over (and over) again before. try something new and fresh and different! god knows its the only part of your show anyone tunes in for anymore

    • Emily says:

      This statement is already wrong simply because I tune in for anything BUT Dan, but moving on… I think the writers have managed to be fresh with Chuck and Blair for the last 5 years, and have done so without completely destroying the fabric of the show. What I hate about the current limbo we’re living with DB is that it requires that Serena and Blair barely speak, Dan no longer love Serena, Chuck and Blair not reunite … etc. And yet, these story lines can’t disappear, because they ARE the show. So we’re stuck in a no-man’s land until the writers decide to either end DB for good (please) or just give them their 15 minutes of fame before going back to the real story. It’s getting really tiresome.

      The best things about season 5 of GG have been Chuck walking his dog and Ivy Dickens, and that’s a problem.

  18. Ashley says:

    I enthusiastically second Meg Masters’ “Community” wish! My season 1 and 2 DVDs won’t hold me much longer. NBC also needs all the viewers it can get, and I’m not watching any NBC sitcoms until “Community” is back or supporting ANY NBC show until “Community” gets a committed winter premiere date.

  19. Joanna says:

    So much word to the Community wish! The hiatus is killing me and it has just started.

    Also, I completely agree with Vlada’s wish. I want the old Blair back. I can hardly recognise anymore. The Everybody Loves Blair story line is killing her character. It feels like the only time she made a decision on her own was when she choose Chuck in the mid-season finale. Excellent decision but still not enough. I miss the powerful Blair and I can’t stand this princess-in-the-making, always-in-need-of-rescuing, cannot-make-up-my-mind-on-my-own Blair. Plus, the headbands would be an extra bonus!

    Finally, I couldn’t agree more with the Grey’s anatomy wish. Alex/Izzie need closure and so do I. At least, give us a hint about Izzie’s whereabouts. Anything!

  20. Adam says:

    Agree on Dan/Blair! Don’t lose hope! Remember Breakfast at Tiffany’s the movie? I think this is the story! Can’t wait!

  21. Idolbeat says:

    I have 3 more episodes to watch of Lost, so I don’t know how it ends. But, I would like to see Charlie & Claire, Desmond & Penny, Sawyer & Miles spinoff. Shoot, can they just bring the whole show back? Maybe even call it LOST IN LA!!

    • Laura says:

      Just quit now, you’ll be disappointed in the end. Create your own ending and it will be better and more creative than what was actually done.

      • Nicole says:

        Or, you know, their opinion might be different from yours… Gasp!!!!!

      • murley says:

        yes let them make their own opinion. i wasn’t disappointed, i loved the way lost ended. my husband wasn’t as big a fan of the ending. lost took a risk and it apparently didn’t pay off for you. oh well.

  22. Kristine says:

    Spoilerfree comment about Downton Abbey:
    Watch the Christmas Special Michael!!!

    • CiCi says:

      Such a beautiful episode and no love for Anna and Mr. Bates, Michael? I think I’m more invested in their storyline than M&M although those two are also just heartbreaking together.

  23. Chase says:

    I swear if Dair happens, I will never watch Gossip Girl again. Gossip Girl is already the least watched show on television and will probably be cancelled in a year or two, so I want CHAIR. Blair shows no interest in Dan, whenever she’s with him its all “Chuck this, and Chuck that”. Dan gets the hint as we saw in the winter finale, so why can’t Dair fans get a grip on reality and get the hint too. And by the looks of it, there might be a Dan and Serena reunion. Frankly, I don’t care if Dan is with Serena, Vanessa (yeah, yeah I know), Ivy, or another guy (which dosen’t seem so far fetched) as long as he isn’t with Blair. CHAIR is endgame. Blair might be Dan’s soulmate, but he isn’t hers. CHAIR FTW.

    • leisl says:

      chuck and blair being the story for five seasons = the least watched show on television

      idk guys

      • Elisha says:

        Chuck and Blair arcs have the highest ratings, Dan and Blair arcs have the lowest ratings in show history. Please stop being so stupid.

        • leisl says:

          back when the show AND chuck/blair used to be good together. ratings started consistently dropping throughout the series, even when chuck and blair were together. people watch for good writing not couples, and chuck and blair has evolved into the worst writing ever. “you were the lightest thing that ever came into my life, i turned dark from the fear of losing you?” are you f**king kidding me…

          and i used to be a chuck/blair fan too, as did most of the people who watched the show. they got boring and more importantly, they got offensive. you need to learn to stop blindly shipping and self-inserting yourself with chuck bass tbh

          • Karla says:

            AGAIN…GG ratings didn’t go up and down bc DAIR or CHAIR…GG ratings are going down bc of bad story lines in general…it hit critical situation…that NO couple (with their good and bad moments) will save it…

    • Kimmie says:

      Shut up, and go write more self insert fanfiction.

  24. Ashley says:

    Enough with Friday Night Lights. Seriously, its been off the air almost a year now (or more?). I know it was a great show and I still have the finale on my DVR, but its time to give it up and move on. The show is dead and buried.

  25. Allie says:

    Agreed with Vlada’s wishes for Blair- the moment the story turned into every guy on the show falling in love with her, she basically became a whinier version of Serena. As for Dan/Blair… the only “getting real” I want to see with that god-awful storyline is ending it for good. It’s dragged on for a year now and it’s just ruining the show for me at this point.

  26. Kari says:

    PLEASE PLEASE – Get Being Erica 4th Season on air somehow – SyFy channel are you listening since you’ve been so kind as to pick up Lost Girl!!!!

  27. Angelica says:

    Yes, Dair needs to happen like right now!! No, in season four actually. It’s way overdue.

  28. nat says:

    Fringe definitely needs a season 5 pick up, I don’t know what I’ll do if it doesn’t get one! One of the best written shows on TV after Breaking Bad and Homeland and so underrated. And everyone knows the only thing on Gossip Girl worth watching anymore is Dan and Blair so the writers will be phenomenally stupid if they don’t go there.

  29. Lisa H says:

    Being Erica Season 4 is availaible on certain not totally legit tv watching websites, but it’s there and it was great! I hope they bring it to the US so it gets the proper send off it deserves!

  30. Dustin says:

    Totally agree with the whole Izzie/Alex thing; Katherine Heigl’s such a great actress and I feel like her talent is wasted on those awful movies she chooses to do. She needs to go back to the show that made her famous!

  31. Katie says:

    Great list for the most part! I’d love to see Izzie back on Grey’s; maybe for the series finale or Alex’s last episode (whichever comes first), so that the two of them can have a Doug/Carol-esque reunion. I just loved them, and I don’t but any of the alternate relationships for either character.
    Definitely agree with the GG wishes. I want DAIR to happen so, so, so much, but I want Blair to return to her old self and be able to balance a relationship with her career aspirations. Her love life does not need to be her ONLY storyline.
    FNL movie is also at the top of my wish list! I need the Taylors back in my life, even if its only a temporary engagement.
    Agreement on the Community, Fringe, and Cougar Town fronts just goes without saying! These awesome shows deserve better treatment and more viewers.
    And I hope J.J. Abrams is reading this, because a pilot with those three women would be GOLD.

  32. Hojana says:

    Glad you agree Michael Ausiello, Dair needs to happen!

  33. sarah says:

    I have just one wish: I wish that Ausiello would stop trying to push Dair down everyone’s throat. We get it, you like them, now stop trying to pimp them out.

  34. Rose says:

    I wish for Dan and Blair too!

  35. rachel says:

    So agree with the Community related wishes, with the Izzie/Alex thing and with the GG one about Blair being powerful again. But the one about Dair is just wrong…

  36. hilarie says:

    the only reason anyone watches GG anymore is for dan and blair anyway. DAIR FTW

  37. Kimmie says:

    YES for Dan and Blair!!

  38. seredan says:

    Dan and Serena pls! Im sick of waiting for them to get back together, just when they rekindle the writers throw a bucket full of ice on them, so disappointing. Dan and Serena should get back together already. They are the show’s true love.

    CHAIR= great love
    DARENA= true love
    NATE= many loves


  39. seredan says:

    I would like to see DAN do something outrageous to win back SERENA, something thats way different from their usual selves. Let Dan do something CHUCK-LIKE for Serena. Reverse the characters for season 6 or end of Season 5. That would be cool for a change. Dan is the writer after all, and writers are supposed to be mysterious and exciting and he should do that to excite Serena who has non-conventional tastes. That would also bring back the adventurous Serena…BUT im sick and tired or Serena having adventures with other men, this time let her do it with Dan. SOMETHING OLD SOMETHING NEW

    • kesha says:

      yes dan should do something chuck-like for serena….DAN SHOULD SELL HER FOR HIS LOFT.

      • seredan says:

        I was thinking more on the lines of eloping or running away together and finally realizing that plan of theirs which did not happen (after Serena’s overdose). By “Chuck-like” Dan, I meant the wild and unpredictable and exciting Chuck, not the evil one. Serena already called Dan as the “love of her life” in Season 5 and Dan has called Serena as the “girl of his dreams” in Season 1. Sorry, but Blair is just a pleasant distraction to Dan, more like the “confusion of his life” I like a good DAIR tease anyday but not serious enough to ruin the Dan and Serena romance. But I have to admit, I like the way its making Serena squirm and show her jealousy, just what she deserves after making Dan feel jealous and left-out after going for Ben. It makes her realize that she still really loves Dan, that she can bear her BFF Blair to get everything from her except for her Dan. Its delicious to see Serena giving love-lusting looks of despair to Dan who is completely obsessed with someone else other than her. Sorry, S you cant have Dan….for now…. but when you do get each other again…it would be a long-awaited BLAST….;)

  40. Dee says:

    I think I share much of Vlada’s wish for Blair on GG. So much of this season has been about her letting Louis/Dan direct her and even think for her. This is NOT the Blair I know and love!

  41. Kyle Andrews says:

    Would they even have time to properly wrap up Fringe, even if Fox announced that it was ending right now? I mean, you have to figure that they’re working some deep, complex story arc for the season. They’d have to resolve that and transition into a series concluding storyline. I guess it depends on how far along they are in writing, but I would hate to see Fringe sacrifice their style of telling stories, just so they could throw out a quickie ending.

  42. Elena says:

    Thank you Vlada for mentioning Being Erica!! This is the best show that no one in America is watching. This show has been such an inspiration to my life and many others that I have turned on to this show. This show needs to come to the US.

  43. harriet says:

    i ship blair/alone. i agree with vlada, blair has become the most pathetic character, constantly chasing after chuck’s heels after all he’s done to her. she needs to be powerful, strong and happy ON HER OWN. before they do dair, they need to make blair the character she was in s1 again, before she was ruined by chuckandblair, blairandchuck.

  44. Jenn C says:

    You’re my hero, Michael Ausiello! Thanks so much for speaking out about Dan and Blair! The show is doing itself no favors by continuing to have Blair run back to Chuck, regardless of all of the horrible things he’s done. The writers seem almost afraid of venturing into new and unchartered territory, and look where it has gotten them, the ratings are WORSE than ever. The only reason I have continued watching GG is because of the promise I saw in Dair last season, but the timid way the writers approach them is really starting to get on my last nerve. They need to finally just admit that there’s something there (and not just for Dan) and take the plunge.

  45. Line says:

    I really wish GG writters don’t forget that a lot of fan love so much chuck and blair. Dair is just a joke and i will stop watch GG if it’s happen sorry but dan loves every woman in the show, so it’s unrealistic!
    And Ausiollo you are a jounalist , work like a journalis and not like a dair shipper please. It’s unprofessionnal!

    • Dude says:

      So it’s unprofessional for him to have an opinion that isn’t yours? Because I bet anything if he had said “make Chair happen” you wouldn’t be calling him unprofessional. I’m a journalism major, this article has nothing to do with journalism. It’s pure opinion, that’s the point.

    • Jenn C says:

      And if Ausiello had said his wish was for Chuck and Blair to reunite for good, would he be unprofessional then? Give me a break. And why should he not be allowed to express an opinion?

      As for Dan “loving” every woman on the show, wasn’t Chuck supposedly “in love” with Raina like, two episodes before he suddenly wanted Blair back? Then there was Eva… whom he was completely smitten with (BTW, he treated both of these girls way better than he’s treated Blair, the supposed love of his life). Chuck is just as guilty as Dan is of falling for women pretty fast. Although to be honest, Serena is worse than ANY of them

      • Emily says:

        No. Dan has explicitly told Serena and Vanessa that he was in love with them, and he is now apparently in love with Blair. Meanwhile, the only person in the course of 5 seasons that Chuck has ever said or been told he was in love with was Blair. He has dated 3 other girls in his life, yes, but he has never said he loved them. In fact, they have always been shown as a way for Chuck to run away from his problems with Blair at any given time.

        As for Serena, her problem of falling for men at the drop of a hat has explicitly been dealt with on the show as well, and often have to do with her daddy issues and low self-esteem. She has declared that Dan is the love of her life this season. The show, meanwhile, has yet to explain Dan being in love with Vanessa-Serena-Blair all in season 4.

        • hoi polloi says:

          no he only told raina she was sacred to him, only told elle she was the most beautiful woman he had ever met, only told eva she was a perfect angel.

          and whats wrong with dating girls? dan dated and loved serena and vanessa? so what? it doesn’t negate how he feels about blair how he felt about serena or vanessa. he’s allowed to grow up and mature. and for the record, so is blair.

  46. seredan says:

    About the men in the Van Der Woodsen Women’s Life:
    Serena never got it right before Dan or since Dan
    and Lilly never got it right before Rufus or since Rufus
    and now they are happily married so why can’t Dan and Serena get back together already?
    Don’t tell me coz of incest coz they are not even blood related and they hooked up before their parents got married so it does not count.
    Serena and Dan are the younger version of Rufus and Lilly.
    And pls put a stop to this Dan Blair nonsense, yes it was cute and exciting but I mean come on, if you develop this story further you would really seal the deal on the GG brand that almost everybody has slept with each other.
    I challenge the writers to continue a great story without breaking up Dan and Serena, I mean they have managed to have great seasons with Rufus and Lilly still intact, cant they do that with Serena and Dan. If you cannot come up with better story ideas without breaking up and making up then breaking up again Serena and Dan, then you are not that good after all. XOXO

  47. kevin says:

    I definitely agree about FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS turning into a movie and why not bring all the characters back from the entire series like Jason Street, Landry Clarke, Vince Howard, Luke Cafferty, Becky Sporles, Jess Merriweather, Tim and Billy Riggins, maybe Smash Williams and of course Lyla Garrity who was dearly missed during Season Four but sadly didn’t return in the show’s fifth and final season. FNL is still one of the best TV dramas I’ve ever seen and Texas will live on forever. CLEAR EYES FULL HEARTS CAN’T LOSE.

  48. Fido says:

    Can I echo Matt Mitovich’s wish re: Fringe and giving them time to compose an awesome final ep. It really grind s my gears when a series I’ve loved throughout just stops without the writers being given time to… well maybe not round everything off but at least time to compose an ep they KNOW will be the last ever. An unsatisfying last ep can taint the whole of the series and I really don’t want Fringe to suffer this travesty.

  49. Captain says:

    My 2012 TV Wishes:
    Gossip Girl – Make Dair happen. I don’t need them to be endgame but I need them to be given a chance.

    The Vampire Diaries – Make Rebekkah a series regular. She’s easily the most interesting/entertaining character on the show. I care about her more than I care about half the original characters (Bonnie, Matt and Jeremy really don’t interest me).

    One Tree Hill – That the series finale is both satisfying AND entertaining. They’ve already done two quasi-finales in Seasons 6 and 8 and they were both BORING. Hopefully this year’s swan song resembles the Season 4 finale isntead.

    Glee – Give Brittany something to do, anything.

  50. LINE says:

    no i thinck taht a jounalist must be fair and not a shipper. Even if he says he loves chair, i don’t care; A journalist must be professionnal and not take part.

    • seredan says:

      Well, I have missed you, too DOROTA…or is it VANYA? Haha!
      I love the Dan and Serena romance but I must admit its these two Eastern Europeans on the show that have often made me chuckle. Thank you for them and may they always be on GG.