Revenge Sneak Peek: Watch the First 9 Minutes of Next Week's Episode Now!

Did the promo for the next Revenge make your jaw drop with shock, awe and anticipation? Well, we’re upping the ante with the first very, very juicy nine minutes of next Wednesday’s episode — and two bonus clips to boot!

Judging by the following previews, the installment’s title — “Duress” — is apt to say the least. Not only is Emily continuing to drive a wedge between Daniel and his mother Victoria, but now her golden boy beau is scheming against his father. Oh, and Tyler’s off his meds (and his rocker), which leads to heated confrontations with both Grayson males.

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Meanwhile, no sooner does Emily apologize to her reluctant partner-in-crime Nolan than the two are back plotting against Tyler.

“Blackmail — it isn’t just for breakfast anymore,” snarks Nolan.

Check out the previews below and then hit the comments with your thoughts/theories/squeals!

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