Dexter Finale: Ready, Set, React!

If you have yet to watch the season finale of Dexter, run — don’t walk — away from this story. Seriously. Stop reading. Everyone else, you may proceed…

Before I get to a rundown of the key moments from Sunday’s Dexter climax, a quick note to check TVLine on Monday around Noon EST for a post mortem with exec producer Sara Colleton. If you have a specific burning question, send it to AskAusiello@TVLine.com ASAP.

Now for the episode’s highlights:

* Deb finally knows Dexter’s secret! In the final minutes of the hour, Deb — who just moments before confessed to her shrink that she’s in love with her adoptive brother — looked on in shock and awe as he murdered this season’s Big Bad, Travis (a.k.a. the Doomsday Killer).

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* Angel put in for basket-case Quinn to get transferred, pointing to the possible departure of Desmond Harrington.

* Prior to his death, Travis kidnapped Harrison and took him to the rooftop of a Miami high-rise to end his life. Dexter intervened just in the nick of time, knocked out Travis and dragged him from the scene before Deb and Co. arrived. That set up the climactic murder of Trav back at the creepiest abandoned church on the planet and Deb’s discovery that her bro moonlights as a serial killer.

But did the game-changing (and inevitable) Dex-Deb twist make up for what has arguably been a subpar season? And do you think there’s enough fallout to mine from the big reveal to justify Showtime’s recent two-season pickup? Hit the comments with your thoughts/theories/reaction!

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