Is Dexter 'Incest' Not Best? Is Charlie Sheen 'Winning' Again? And Lots More TV Questions!


11 | Anyone else think of The Middleman every time they hear NBC news anchor Natalie Morales’ name, and then get disappointed once you realize it’s not Dub-Dub?

12  | Is Glee ever going to remember that Puck and Rachel are Jewish? How about a Hanukkah episode?

13 | Does Justin Long really have to leave New Girl? Say it isn’t so!

14 | Why did it take Kimberly McCullough announcing her exit from General Hospital to give Robin a worthwhile storyline, particularly one that involves a long overdue reunion with fellow Port Charles lifer Jason?

15 | Given this week’s American Horror Story childbirth, is it any wonder that Connie Britton decided to adopt?

16 | Can ABC please give Charlie’s Angels another shot, featuring Leverage‘s Sophie, Parker and Tara in the title roles? (Please?)

17 | Can The Mentalist lose his memory, like, once a season? If only for the sight of Van Pelt blushing from his flirtiness?

18 | What’s with The X Factor U.S. stealing ideas wholesale from The X Factor UK? (To cite one of many examples, this week’s “NoDiggity”/”Shout” mashup was already done by Cher Lloyd on the British version, back in 2010.)

19 | Considering the cynical, borderline grotesque use of God’s name — and religious belief in general — on the current season of Survivor: South Pacific, does anyone think Coach and Brandon should be on the lookout for strategically placed lightning bolts during Sunday’s season finale?

20 | Must The Chew play that blippy, synthesized theme song going into and out of each of its 10,000 ad breaks? It’s the musical equivalent of chewing on a piece of tin-foil jerky.

21 | Why doesn’t anyone — and we do mean anyone — say goodbye before ending a phone conversation on television?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!