Is Dexter 'Incest' Not Best? Is Charlie Sheen 'Winning' Again? And Lots More TV Questions!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we are going to throw at you, from shows such as Boardwalk Empire, Chuck, Glee, Once Upon a Time, The Good Wife and more!

1 | Was “Chuck vs. the Hack-Off” the final season’s most satisfying episode to date, and by far? Chuck returning to his uber-nerdy roots, the Verbanski-Sarah banter, the Verbanski-Casey conjugal action, the (albeit pixelated) nudity, Community cameos (plural)…. It truly had it all. That said: NBC promo department, why’d you have to give away a certain someone’s upcoming return?

2 | Anyone else still highly suspicious about the circumstances surrounding Michael Pitt’s shocking (and very permanent) departure from Boardwalk Empire?

3 | In Once Upon a Time‘s fall finale, when the camera zoomed up to the Evil Queen on her castle parapet, was anyone half expecting to see Victoria Grayson standing there?

4 | Everyone got choked up the minute that The Good Wife‘s Alicia and Kalinda got in the car together, right?

5 | Was “Ewww” the only correct response to Dexter‘s Deb dreaming about kissing her brother-by-adoption? Also, when do we think Dexter‘s going to get around to updating their painfully dated exterior stock shots of Miami Metro?

6 | Would now perhaps be a good time for the Homeland daughter to go backpacking with friends across Europe?

7 | Did any other fans falling into the Hawaii Five-O/Lost Venn diagram notice that Locke was on hand for Jin’s marriage to groovy Dharma gal Amy?

8 | Did Mike & Molly stumble onto something with the idea of a sitcom centered around cranky cafeteria ladies?

9 | Does anyone else suspect that Charlie Sheen considered himself “winning” again as Two and a Half Men‘s Walden bonded with a gorilla?

10 | Know what irks us just as much as a Terra Nova mole that suddenly starts acting all obvious and only for altruistic reasons? When their traitorous actions turn out to be not as traitorous as we believed.