Glee Exclusive: Find Out What Blaine Gave Kurt For Christmas!

Klaine ‘shippers everywhere are shouting “Bah, humbug!” over a missing scene in Tuesday’s Glee.

Among the publicity shots Fox released for this week’s Christmas-themed episode was an image of Kurt opening a present from Blaine in the halls of McKinley High.

But when the episode aired Tuesday night, the scene was missing from the telecast — leaving fans wondering both why it was cut and what the heck was in the box!

Well, TVLine has an answer to both burning questions.

First off, the sequence was trimmed because the episode was running long; it will, however, be included in the Season 3 DVD. (Another MIA sequence, Santana’s big “Santa Baby” performance, will be made available online as early as next week.) Second, and most importantly, sources confirm that had the present been opened in the episode, viewers would’ve seen Blaine give Kurt a… promise ring.

And not just any promise ring. A homemade ring made of gum wrappers. Blaine explains that financial issues prevented him from giving Kurt what he really wanted — an item from the Elizabeth Taylor collection — but something tells me Kurt was hardly disappointed by the no-frills offering. After all, “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” ultimately emphasized charity and selflessness over consumerism and flashy gifts.

As for how that ring will affect Klaine going forward — or whether we’ll see Kurt sporting it in the halls of McKinley — we’ll just have to wait to ring in the New Year.

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