Glee Preview: 5 Questions For First-Time Director Matthew Morrison

Mr. Schue is for the first time calling the shots off screen as Matthew Morrison steps behind the cameras to helm tonight’s holiday-themed episode of Glee (8/7c on Fox). How’d the first-time director do? “We just had a screening of it for the whole cast and crew yesterday at work and it got such a great response,” Morrison tells TVLine. “I’m very proud of it.” The ambitious undertaking was not without its challenges though. Read on to find out what “scared” Morrison most about making his directorial debut, and why he’s confident his co-stars will not be following his lead anytime soon.

TVLINE | How did the cast adjust to seeing you as their boss as opposed to just a co-star?
That was the thing I was most worried about. I was scared. I didn’t know how they’d react. But there was such a good vibe on the set. Everybody had my back. Every cast member was so open to what I had to say.

TVLINE | What’s the gist of the episode?
Sue is working for this homeless shelter for the holidays and she’s trying to get the glee club to come, but they already booked this PBS Christmas special. So Sue goes crazy a little bit, as Sue does. The episode is all about the kids getting it together and figuring out what the holiday spirit means.

TVLINE | Any personal highlights?
Two of the acts are entirely in black-and-white. It’s an [homage] to the Judy Garland Christmas specials, and it’s very heightened and there’s a laugh track. And the black-and-white is beautiful.

TVLINE | Why did you decide to direct?
I’ve been doing this role for three now and, while there are new challenges every week, it [has become] pretty manageable. This was completely outside of the box for me, and I found it so rewarding.

TVLINE | Did any of your co-stars get bit by the directing bug while watching you in action?
No. Just the opposite. [Laughs] Everyone was like, “Oh, my God — you are working hard.”

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