Covert Affairs Scoop: Did Auggie Sense Annie's Heartbreak? And Is He Really Going to Africa?

No amount of heightened senses could help Covert Affairs‘ Auggie see what was right in front of him as Season 2 came to a close last week — that Annie, with a nudge from her sister Danielle, had come to a realization about her feelings for her CIA colleague.

Mind you, Auggie did sense that something was on the mind of his bestie. It’s just that he guessed wrong.

“You see it in the [final] scene — Annie stands up at a weird moment, and you can see it on his face that he’s wondering where she is going,” Christopher Gorham told us at a Hollywood Foreign Press Association event kicking off the Golden Globes awards season. “But he thinks that she’s torn up about having killed a guy [during her Stockholm assignment], because that’s the first time she’s killed a man and it’s a big moment.”

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So while Auggie did pick up on something in Annie’s voice, his lack of sight kept him from processing a wince of heartbreak on her face. So he went about detailing his plan to track down his new girlfriend Parker at her Peace Corps outpost in Eritrea.

“Not being able to see [Annie] in that moment causes him to completely miss what’s going on for her,” says Gorham. “Plus, his head is just in a very different place.”

Besides, Gorham notes, Auggie would have no reason to be looking for any such overture from Annie. “He has no idea that she’s having romantic thoughts. He wasn’t there for that conversation between her and her sister, so he couldn’t know.”

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Annie was left to speed away in her shiny old-but-new gift of a ’67 Corvette, wiping away some unexpected tears. But will Auggie in fact be getting on a jet plane, in the name of love?

“From what I understand, Auggie is going to Africa,” Gorham ventures, looking ahead to Season 3. Having already traveled with the USA Network hit to location shoots including Istanbul, Stockholm and Jordan, he says, “I’m not sure exactly where were going to film that, but based on history it’s going to be some place far away…. My poor wife!”

Who do you think is Auggie’s perfect match? And who is Annie’s? (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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