Castle Is Heading for a Wedding - Will It Get Rick and Kate Ready for Romance?

When ABC’s Castle returns with fresh episodes on Monday, Jan. 9, the first episode back will feature the wedding of Detective Kevin Ryan to the lovely Jenny Duffy-O’Malley. But will the undeniable romance of the big day spill over into the long-simmering but oft-stifled Castle/Beckett relationship, and maybe light a fire under those two?

For starters, Stana Katic tells us this much: Romance was in abundant supply during the filming of the episode, seeing as the fictional nuptials starred real-life marrieds Seamus and Juliana Dever, who play Kevin and Jenny.

“It was such a beautiful thing,” Beckett’s portrayer tells TVLine of shooting the ceremony. “I loved being able to see Juliana walk in with her wedding gown, because it was the kind of gown that she wanted when they were young actors getting married but they didn’t have the finances they needed to make the wedding as large as maybe it would have been in their dreams. This was a chance to kind of do a ‘second take,’ and it was fantastic to be a part of that real-life experience as well as that ‘movie-life’ experience.”

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But returning to the million-dollar question — might the exchange of vows get Rick and Kate in the mood to finally take a leap of their own, and pursue a romance? — Katic echoes that which Seamus Dever recently told TV Guide Magazine. (After all, “Caskett” did just spend an entire episode handcuffed to each other, for better or for worse; anything else is merely legal documentation.)

“There’s a bit of foreshadowing for the future, yes,” she told us with a playful chuckle.

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Are you looking forward to the Castle wedding… and any ideas it plants in certain guests’ minds?

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