Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Glee, HIMYM, Revenge, Anarchy, Good Wife, Gossip Girl and More!

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Question: You mentioned a while back that the upcoming Glee episode titled “The Proposal” would be a big one for Will and Emma. Any particular reason why? —Radames
Ausiello: Um, because he proposes to her in it? [Cue eye roll, heavy sigh and finger gun to head.] And it’s not just any proposal. According to the question-popper himself, Matthew Morrison, “It’s the most spectacular proposal I’ve ever seen.” Care to elaborate, MM? “All I can say is it’s wet. And it involves a big dance.” THIS JUST IN: Sources confirm exclusively to TVLine that the title of the episode has just been changed from “The Proposal” to “Yes/No.” Hmm…..

Question: Anything else you can share about Becki Newton’s character on How I Met Your Mother — aside from her being a love interest for Barney? —Jorja
Ausiello: She’s basically Barney, minus the boy parts. “We’ve always toyed with introducing the world to the female Barney,” says exec producer Carter Bays. “And that might be too simple a way to describe her, but she’s not going to take any s–t from Barney. This girl is going to kind of beat up on him a little bit. It will be an even match.”

Question: Can you give us some scoop about Barney and Robin on HIMYM? —Annette
Ausiello: It sounds like Barney will find out that Robin can’t have children, and sooner rather than later. Bays says her secret “will be key to what happens in the remaining 12 episodes of the season. It’s an important pivot point for the season.”

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Question: My three favorite shows at the moment: Homeland, The Good Wife, and American Horror Story. Got scoop on any of ’em? —Joey
Ausiello: Eenie, meenie, miney… Horror Story! In this week’s episode, the ghostly gay couple played by Zachary Quinto and Teddy Sears feud with Constance over their very differing plans for the to-be-born Harmon twins. Also the show breaks the flashback barrier when it travels all the way back to 1590! (Keep reading for scoop on another one of your three favorite shows, Joey.)

Question: Tell me something new about Gossip Girl‘s 100th episode. —Courtney
Ausiello: Intel continues to trickle in and, if what I’m hearing about the episode’s final act is true, it has the potential to be the single greatest hour of my life television ever.

Question: Is the Gossip Girl dream sequence that leaked online last week from the 100th episode? —Anna
Ausiello: Yes, Serena will be channeling her inner Marilyn in Episode 100 on January 30.

Question: Longtime reader, never written in before, but I need some Revenge hints to help me get through the break. Regarding the promo for the next episode, which shows Tyler pointing a gun — any hints as to who he fires at? Does it result in death? Does he even pull the trigger, or is it just one big tease? —Jack
Answer: I can’t answer all of your questions. Or, okay, technically, really any of them. But this might tide you over. Gabriel Mann, who plays Nolan, tells TVLine, tongue in cheek, “It probably wasn’t a good idea for [Tyler] to run out of those meds. That’s a little frightening for all of us.” And, perhaps especially, for his own character. “I will tease very, very bad things for him,” he says. “There is a reason you didn’t see him sitting at that table with everyone else.” Yikes! “Our coming back New Year ep,” he adds, “is… oh my God, I wish I could tell you more! I’m so tempted!” Alas, not tempted enough. If he blabbed, he says with a laugh, “I would get revenge’d right off the show!”

Question: I’m intrigued by the theory you guys put out there about Nolan and Emily being half-siblings on Revenge. Any reason to believe it’s actually true? —Michelle
Ausiello: No, but Gabriel Mann’s a fan of the idea. “I love that theory,” he told us. “That’s the thing with Emily and Nolan — and just us as actors — we have so much fun together that if they want to make us like a Luke and Leia situation, we’re so down… We’re like the tectonic twosome of the Hamptons. The two blonde avengers.”

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Question: Please bring on the Good Wife spoilers. This can’t be the end of Will and Alicia! —Janine
Ausiello: I’m afraid it’s the end… for now at least. But as one romance ends, a new one blossoms: Eli Gold is finally going to get some lovin’! And the lucky girl is someone we met for the first time this season. Guesses? Hit the comments!

Question: Now that ABC has pulled Man Up, does that open up the possibility of Cougar Town coming back early? —Patrick
Ausiello: Not really. The dreadful-looking Work It has already hijacked Man Up‘s timeslot, so fingers crossed the gender bending “comedy” dies an even quicker death so C-Town can take its rightful place back on ABC’s schedule. Speaking of which, any Laurie-Travis fans out there? Well, get a load of this: Laurie falls for a military dude who’s stuck in the Middle East, and their only means of communication is via Skype. Enter Travis, who reluctantly agrees to become the Whoopi Goldberg to the soldier’s Patrick Swayze. (!!!!!!!!!)

Question: So, 90210‘s been pretty exciting this season! But, I’m dying for some Naomi scoop! What’s up with her chasing ALL her men away? — Josie
Ausiello: You sure you aren’t watching repeats from last season? ‘Cause this season’s 90210 is so bad it’s practically unbearable. In fact, the only thing that’s stopping me from deleting my season pass is this next spoiler: Crazy Adrianna is returning in the new year — and this time she’s adding kidnapping to her rap sheet! Woo-hoo! Crazy Ade’s back!

Question: Regarding your recent blind item, is Homeland the freshman drama relocating to New York? – Joey
Ausiello: It is not.

Question: Any post-hiatus Community scoop re: Jeff/Britta? –Amy
Ausiello: The show is currently shooting scenes at a carnival. Why? Because Jeff learns that Britta has fallen for a Carnie and he wants to meet the little circus freak!

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Question: Got any Happy Endings scoop? —Trista
Ausiello: Brad and Jane won’t be revisiting the parenthood question anytime soon. According to Eliza Coupe, “It hasn’t been brought up again that they want to have a baby.” And that’s fine by her. “We were all talking about that other day and no babies can come on this show,” Coupe says with a laugh. “We do not want to have to deal with that — not as the characters or the actors or anything… But if the show goes on for as long as we hope it will, somebody will probably pop a kid out.”

Question: I have a bad feeling Juice is not out of the woods just yet on Sons of Anarchy. The gang has to find out that he killed Miles, right? —Jeff
Ausiello: Sounds like the answer is hell yeah. “One of the things we try to do on the show is not let anything sort of happen in a vacuum,” says Sons boss Kurt Sutter. “Ultimately, these secrets always do come back. The truth is, Juice did kill Miles and he did ultimately rat on the club. And even though it’s buried for now, there are people out there that are aware that he’s done it. So, yeah, I’m sure we will probably find the right story at some point to bring that back in play.”

Question: Chuck me! —Jeremy
Ausiello: Rebecca Romijn’s barbaric CIA agent — who debuts in this Friday’s episode — used to be a man! No, the actress isn’t playing another transgender character (as she did on Ugly Betty). Allow Chuck exec producer Chris Fedak to explain: “We created a character originally that was going to be a man. Kind of an ominous, scary figure with a penchant for torture, which he considers his art form. But then when we started thinking about it, I was like, “What if Rebecca Romijn was this guy? That would be scary and sexy… She was game for it, and she also has a great sense of humor.”

Question: Been following you for years – that alone makes me deserving of you fulfilling my every fantasy. Or at least some Hart of Dixie scoop. —Britta
Ausiello: Let’s stick with the scoop, Britta. Your other fantasies scare me. Wade/Zoe ‘shippers will be sad to hear that the two will soon butt heads again when Zoe discovers that he has started a betting pool based solely on her love life. Elsewhere, Lemon and George are moving full speed ahead with their wedding plans. We’ll see the two taste-testing cakes in an upcoming episode.

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Question: What’s in store for my favorite Modern Family in 2012? —Jeff
Ausiello: A wedding! A Family spy reports that the Dunphy and Pritchett clans were shooting scenes at a Los Angeles-area church last week and “it was definitely a wedding or commitment ceremony.” Alas, a source close to the show tells me that the bride and groom are merely family friends, adding that producers “just wanted everyone at a wedding.”

Question: Switched at Birth scoop, please! —Mena
Ausiello: When Switched at Birth‘s Katie Lerclerc told us at the American Music Awards last month that “Wilke [is still] in the mix” for Daphne’s affections, she was downplaying things. We just screened the season 1.5 premiere (airing Jan. 3) and those two have quite the heart-to-heart on the pier.

Question: OK, I’ll bite: What else can you tell me about Chris Meloni’s role on True Blood? —Diego
Ausiello: He’s the mastermind of… something. Guesses? Hit the comments. And then look for the answer on Twitter very soon!

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